The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, episode 8 recap – do Whitney and Andrew hook up again?

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 8, 2022 (Last updated: February 5, 2024)
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The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, episode 8 recap - do Whitney and Andrew hook up again?


We have a HUGE episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls that should set us up for an explosive final two episodes next week.

Episode 7 of The Sex Lives of College Girls season 2 was jam-packed with things happening to the crew at Essex, making an intriguing episode 8 in our wake. We saw a breakup, someone got caught lying, someone thriving in class, and one person stood up to the college with a protest. How does all of that unfold this week? Let’s dive into episode 8.

The Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2, episode 8 recap

It is pre-fresh weekend, which means that people that might want to come to Essex stay with people to see what it is like at the college. First, Bela announces that their dorm will host someone (the rest of the group is shocked). She says it was a childhood friend from back home, Bria. Then, Leighton finds out that her dad is bringing her cousin to the school and decides that she will come out to him. Next, Whitney tells the group that she had sex with Andrew. The crowd was floored. Finally, A knock on the door was Bria, which floored Bela cause she got super hot since the last time she saw her.

At Sips, Jackson drops by to see Kimberly and plants a kiss on her before class. Lila and Canaan both mention that she only likes hot guys, and Kimberly gets super defensive. After that, Leighton’s dad arrives to tell her that plenty of chaos is going on back home. It shifted Leighton from coming out to putting it on the back burner. Next, Whitney confronts Andrew, and both decide to stop having sex, which leads to them having sex.

During lunch, a boy approaches Bria, completely ignoring Bela’s existence, and invites her to a party. However, Bela chimed in and said they were already planning a huge party (they weren’t) and that she had to go to that instead. So Bela returns to the dorm and tells the girls they must throw a party, which must be epic. It leads to Bela telling them that she hates that she’s gotten so hot and needs this party to be amazing.

Jackson passes the dorm in the halls, and Kimberly jumps out of her chair to attempt to figure out what he is up to. Funny enough, it leads her to join him in his dorm to watch wrestling. We move to Whitney, leaving the class where she and Andrew just hooked up and ran into her friends. As he leaves, they make eye contact, and her friends bring up that she can’t stand him. Whitney says she can’t help it, that it just keeps happening.

Back at the dorm, Leighton and her father run into his old buddy, who just happens to be Tatum’s father, George. This is incredible. Leighton freaks out internally, and Tatum’s father goes to introduce them, but they say they know each other, with Leighton emphasizing the friends part. Tatum looks at her weirdly, and then we hear George invite them to eat with them. While Leighton tries to get out of it, they, of course, join them. Before going in, Leighton pulls Tatum aside, who comforts her instead of freaking out.

Upon her friend’s advice to study with Andrew inside, he and Whitney are at the library. It is cold inside, so Andrew gives her his hoodie, which leads to them hooking up in the library. Unfortunately, when hooking up, Canaan walks over to that area and busts them, making it awkward. The party is happening at the dorm, and it seems as if Bria has bailed on the party. Moments later, someone announced that a party was happening in the woods, and Bria was there, making Bela mad.

In the middle of dinner, Leighton’s dad is the life of the dinner by telling stories. Leighton tried to excuse herself from the table to do homework, but one thing led to another, and she came out to her dad. She mentions that she is gay and dating Tatum, whose dad takes it fine, but Leighton’s dad says cool and excuses himself from the table. Leighton is slightly heartbroken by his response.

The ending

At the party in the woods, Bela confronts Bria, and after a back and forth, Bela understands why Bria ditched her and tells her to stay at the cooler party and leaves. Back to Leighton, who hunts down her dad and apologizes for how she came out. He tells her that he wasn’t mad about her coming out but more upset that he didn’t see it. It leads to a sweet bonding moment between them (I’m not crying, you are).

At the dorm party, Whitney tells everyone she couldn’t break it off with Andrew. Then, she tells them about having been busted by Canaan in the library. Next, Leighton walks in with Tatum and tells everyone that coming out to her dad went amazing. Canaan comes into the party and makes it weird for Whitney, but she says it’s casual, and he says casual looks good on her. Finally, Kimberly and Jackson confront the elephant in the room about them being the opposite. He explains he likes dating a girl that is different cause he learns new things. Kimberly says, “dating,” to which he says yeah if that’s okay with her (duh). The episode ends with Leighton and Tatum hooking up, but Tatum’s phone goes off, and it’s a girl named Alicia saying, “thinking of you. Can we meet up?.”

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