Who is Ana in Muted on Netflix?

By Louie Fecou
Published: May 23, 2023
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Who is Ana in Muted on Netflix

Who is Ana in Muted on Netflix? We discuss the character of Ana in the Netflix series Muted, which contains some plot points.

Like a mystery box TV show? If so, you can check out the Spanish-language thriller El Silencio, or Muted, as it is more commonly known on Netflix.

The story is a twisted tale of who did what, with a young Sergio, released from prison after six years and filled with secrets about the murder of his parents.

Sergio is now the subject of an intricate exercise in observation, with his every move being tracked and traced like a ground-zero pandemic survivor, and his silence over the traumatic events is challenged by a young psychologist determined to get to the bottom of the story, just like the viewers really.

The six-part Spanish language series was written and created by Aitor Gabilondo and stars Arón Piper in the role of Sergio.

However, this complex and detailed article is more focused on the young psychiatrist Ana, so come with me as I guide you through the answer to the conundrum, who is Ana in the Netflix thriller Muted?

Who is Ana in Muted on Netflix?

Ana Dussuel is the young and talented psychiatrist in the show. She comes into contact with Sergio during the investigation of the murder of his parents. When Sergio is released, Ana is on the case again and instigates the surveillance of our quiet protagonist in an attempt to analyze his behavior and unravel the mystery behind him.

Needless to say, the experiment leads Ana down a darker path. As she begins to obsess over her subject, it is all a bit stalker-like. Needless to say, Ana gets drawn further into the mystery as the show unfolds.

Is Ana Dussuel Based on a Real Person?

No, the character is fictional, created by the writer Aitor Gabilondo for the show. The character is pretty much the lens we look at Sergio through in the show and offers the viewer a scary look at the effects of obsession and ambition on a driven individual.

Who plays Ana in Muted?

The part of Ana is played by Spanish actress Almudena Amor. Born in 1994, she developed a love of acting after a theatrical course she attended at high school.

Originally hoping to become a model, the opportunity to appear in some short films and music videos would set her on an acting path. Ironically, in the film The Grandmother, she plays a model.

What else is Almudena Amor known for?

Almudena has had a relatively short career so far, but Spanish fans will know her from various productions, including six episodes of the show Tus Monstruos in 2020. After this, there was a role in the 2021 movie The Good Boss, where she played Liliana.

Also, in 2021, Almudena would grab a role in the horror flick The Grandmother, then would finish off the year with an episode of Stories to Stay Awake. 2022 was quiet on the screen for our featured artist, with just a short film to contend with, before landing Ana in Muted for Netflix in 2023.

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