The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 10 Recap – how do Kang-ho and Mi-joo start to reunite?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 25, 2023 (Last updated: March 26, 2024)
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Netflix K-Drama series The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 10 Recap


Another excellent offering ramps up the drama.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 10, which contains spoilers.

With the truth about Kang-ho (Lee Do-hyun) being the father of Mi-joo’s (Ahn Eun-jin) children finally confirmed and the two somewhat reigniting their old spark, it seems apparent that The Good Bad Mother will focus on how this relationship ends up genuinely getting back on track as we go forward.

It’s obvious Gum-ja (Kang Mal-geum) and Young-soon (Ra Mi-ran) will be reluctant to approve at first, but as the saying goes, “true love always prevails.”

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

What plans does Young-soon make for Kang-ho?

Following nightmares of what Woo-byeok may do to her son and news her cancer symptoms will become more troublesome, Young-soon takes action. How? By making Kang-ho the owner of her pig farm, pushing aside his curiosity regarding his prosecution career in favour of creating a “happy life” instead.

Continuing, Kang-ho continues to ponder what could’ve caused his mother to believe returning to his prosecution career would be “dangerous.” At the same time, Sam-sik is given until the weekend to pay off the remainder of his debts, given selling his mother’s luxury bag only covers the interest.

Next, Young-soon, after sternly telling her fellow villagers Kang-ho will no longer be a prosecutor, expresses her wish to “marry off” her son with the help of Yong-rak, trusting that it’ll help him be “more stable and happier than he is now.”

Elsewhere, Hoon-ah finds himself at the centre of an investment scam.

With the help of the Jou-ri villagers, Kang-ho smartened up for his blind date and then relentlessly advertised to prospective partners.

Yet it all falls flat, with nobody wanting to pursue a relationship while the prosecutor isn’t fully healthy. There is a silver lining, at least though, that Kang-ho gets to visit Mi-joo wearing the suit he’s so excited about.

What happens between Kang-ho and Mi-joo?

Unexpectedly, Kang-ho saves Mi-joo from being harassed by the creepy Lee Bong-su. But the prosecutor gets flustered when confronted about his profession, lacking the confidence to say he’s involved in legal work. However, what does happen is that Kang-ho regains memories of his past bond with Mi-joo before he hurts himself, protecting his friend from a motorcyclist.

After sharing a kiss with Mi-joo, drawing from his recollections of his time dating her, Kang-ho shows off the negative side of his restored memories, for he flusters Young-soon by suddenly using her harsh words about his past relationship in conversation, unintentionally remembering how his mother was so against his love. “I must’ve hurt him very deeply,” the pig farmer later reflects.

Still desperate to ensure her son doesn’t fully recall his past until he is married (so he likely won’t want to “avenge” Hae-sik), Young-soon pleads with her late husband for divine help. Meanwhile, Kang-ho clumsily confesses his feelings to a flustered Mi-joo but departs before any further communication.

How does Kang-ho help Sam-sik?

Once finished getting Kang-ho drunk, Sam-sik uses his friend’s curiosity over becoming a prosecutor again and his lack of understanding of what a fiancée is to acquire a valuable ring. Concurrently, a murder case looks set to begin for the mysterious death of Hwang Soo-hyun, and Woo-byeok considers heading to Jou-ri Village himself.

After getting Sam-sik out of trouble by confirming to the police that his expensive jewelry was a gift, Kang-ho tells his mother he wishes to become a prosecutor.

Naturally, Young-soon is upset, especially when hearing Mi-joo is the driving force behind this ambition, but she wavers when her son emotionally asks why he always has to abide by her desires.

What is the truth about Mi-joo’s children?

Putting aside Young-soon’s request to have her “speak sense” into Kang-ho ahead of his potential marriage to Andrea’s friend, Mi-joo pushes for an answer on what’s happening. So, the pig farmer candidly admits she’s living on borrowed time, leaving plenty of room for reflection. Following this scene, it’s confirmed to the viewer through a flashback that Kang-ho is the father of Mi-joo’s children.

Continuing, we see Mi-joo initially trusted Kang-ho would return to her, only to end up heartbroken by the fact that she overheard people saying the prosecutor had pursued Ha-young for a long time.

This all, in turn, led to the abandonment of her children on Gum-ja’s doorstep.

In the present, Mi-joo realizes for everyone’s sake, Kang-ho should’ve been informed about her pregnancy and told her mother this. “You can’t be with him,” an upset Gum-ja says in response, eager to have her daughter avoid caring for someone unwell.

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 10 Ending Explained

Motivated and wanting to avoid pity, Mi-joo gets herself and her children ready the next day and heads straight to Kang-ho’s house before his date with Andrea’s friend. Then, the episode ends with Mi-joo determinedly knocking on her ex’s gate.

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