The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 11 Recap – What happens to Young-soon’s pig farm?

May 31, 2023 (Last updated: June 2, 2023)
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Netflix K-Drama series The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 11 Recap


A strong precursor to the final few installments.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 11, which contains spoilers.

Navigating a slight tonal shift seamlessly, The Good Bad Mother ramps up both drama and emotion here. Thanks to the particularly strong ending, excitement has to be high now going into the final three episodes.

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 11 Recap

What happens when Young-soon collapses?

Beginning of the episode, Mi-joo, Hoang (Kang-ho’s date), Kang-ho, and the police team together swiftly get Young-soon to the hospital following her collapse from hypovolemic shock. Meanwhile, Gum-ja worries about her daughter staying in Jou-ri Village.

As Hoon-ah clumsily exposes Young-soon’s illness to Gum-ja, Kang-ho discovers the full details of his mother’s stage four stomach cancer.

Naturally, this devastates the prosecutor. So much so, Kang-ho heads straight to Young-soon’s hospital bed, practically begging her to regain consciousness so they can head home and promising he’ll do whatever is asked of him going forward.

In the midst of Mi-joo comforting Kang-ho, an already upset Gum-ja arrives at the hospital, sending her daughter home before visiting Young-soon. There, the villager tearfully hugs the pig farmer, who is asking to be discharged so she can “make the most” of the remaining days she has with her son.

How does Young-soon hurt Mi-joo and then repent?

Next, Mi-joo finds herself in a tricky situation. After she assures her mother about having no intent to romantically reunite with Kang-ho, the nail technician has to deal with Young-soon bitterly, asking why she “ruined” Hoang’s potential relationship with her son. Ultimately, this all makes Gum-ja come outside to give her friend a dressing down, tired of hearing it’s Mi-joo’s fault things don’t go well for the prosecutor.

Surprisingly, when Sam-sik has to accept the return of the luxury bag he stole and sold, it pays off for him and Kang-ho. For a memory card hidden inside the item contains incriminating voice recordings of both Tae-soo and Woo-byeok stating their intent to kill Soo-hyun and her child, then blame Kang-ho for it.

So, with this in mind, Sam-sik is sent away by his friend to research further into what this recording, in addition to the complementing DNA test result document, means.

Visiting his father’s grave, Kang-ho reflects on everything from missing the parent he never met to who he truly was in the past.

Following this, Young-soon talks tenderly about the love she had for Hae-sik, then asks her son to ensure she’s buried next to him when she passes. Kang-ho doesn’t take all this talk of death too well, though, and emotionally pleads with his soon-obliging mother for her not to leave him just yet.

That night, Young-soon kneels in apology to Gum-ja, repenting for the hurt she’s caused Mi-joo. But when the two embrace, the conversation flits towards death and how afraid the pig farmer is of it. In the background, Mi-joo softly sobs, overhearing every word.

What happens when Sam-sik meets Ha-young?

In Seoul, Sam-sik meets with Ha-young, showing her the incriminating voice recording of her father. In response, the future heiress of Dosang Group tears Tae-soo’s DNA test, though buckles in confidence upon hearing Kang-ho’s name. Thus, a deal seems to be arranged for Sam-sik to receive a large sum of money in return for the handover of the voice recording.

However, Sam-sik has disallowed the chance to reconvene with Ha-young and is abducted by a group of shady men linked to Tae-soo. As such, the young swindler is threatened, his laptop stolen, and if not for the timely intervention of Ji-suk, he could’ve ended up dead.

What is Tae-soo’s response to his daughter’s actions?

Continuing, Tae-soo visits Ha-young, warning her to stay silent because now he has the evidence regarding Soo-hyun’s death in his hands. Only she can cause problems. There is still the lingering issue of Woo-byeok, though, who turns up the following day at the big Dosang wedding, making throwaway comments about sons-in-law suffering “big accidents.”

Additionally, Woo-byeok gifts Ha-young a picture of Kang-ho, causing her to abandon the wedding and head straight up to Jou-ri Village to see her ex for herself. While the Dosang Group heiress is then collected by Tae-soo’s men, Young-soon treats her son to a meal, and news coverage of Soo-hyun’s death spreads.

Next, things escalate. Tae-soo chastises his daughter, bemoaning her for damaging his reputation, requests she is put in a hospital until after the election, and frustratedly states there needs to be action now Soo-hyun’s death is being investigated as a murder. Meanwhile, Ye-jin encourages Mi-joo to live happily, no longer concerned about who her father is.

The Good Bad Mother Season 1 Episode 11 Ending Explained

In the middle of the night, Young-soon receives a call informing her of smoke coming from the pig farm. When this is checked on, the whole facility is on fire, with the animals unable to be saved.

Once Young-soon is safely escorted out of a window, Kang-ho gets ready to exit the pig farm himself, only to end up falling to the floor. Then, with recollections of his father’s words while he was still in his mother’s womb and the time of his car accident, the episode ends with a look at the prosecutor.

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