Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 14 Recap – what happens when Roy Kim meets his biological family?

By Nathan Sartain
Published: May 29, 2023 (Last updated: February 28, 2024)
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Doctor Cha Season 1, Episode 14 Recap - what happens when Roy Kim meets his biological family?


A detailed, but slow-moving instalment.

This recap of the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha season 1, episode 14 contains spoilers.

Although it was packed with detail, episode 14 of Doctor Cha lacked an important element of briskness. However, the scene seems to be set for Jeong-suk to make her decision between In-ho and Roy Kim, which should be entertaining.

Doctor Cha season 1, episode 14 recap

What happens with Deok-rye’s diagnosis and treatment?

Once the dust settles on the restaurant chaos, Deok-rye, who is devastated at belatedly finding out about In-ho’s affair, gets her daughter and son-in-law to head to her apartment. There, the elder grills the couple about the situation, particularly regarding Seung-hi’s involvement, before informing the professor he should “sincerely” ask his wife for forgiveness.

In the midst of all the drama, Deok-rye ends up needing urgent treatment for suspected stenosis, which fortunately goes well. Elsewhere, Eun-seo brings up the idea of a new beginning in America to Seung-hi, and Jeong-suk notices her foe is doing a large amount of research to help treat her mother’s potential rheumatoid arthritis.

As Jeong-suk convinces her mother not to swap hospitals for her treatment, Seung-hi is visited by I-rang. The youngster tearily apologises for injuring Eun-seo, and makes an offer. If Seung-hi ends her relationship with In-ho, I-rang will withdraw her art school application. Following that, a heartfelt plea is made for the professor to “save” Deok-rye.

After Jeong-suk shares a starlit heart-to-heart with her mother centred around remembering the good parts of life, Deok-rye is treated to a mini-party by her grandchildren. Luckily, the eavesdropping In-ho recognises his family’s joy in this moment and leaves them be.

Next, a biopsy allows Deok-rye to be officially diagnosed with “polymyalgia rheumatica.” Surprisingly, Seung-hi is rather considerate when delivering this news to Jeong-suk, given she also tells her enemy to “take care of your own health.”

The following day, Deok-rye’s treatment is confirmed as a success, with the elder set to be discharged in a matter of days. On the hospital balcony, Jeong-suk expresses her thanks to Seung-hi for her work but makes certain it’s known there’ll be no forgiveness for the professor’s affair with In-ho.

How does Jeong-suk plan to divorce In-ho?

Continuing, Seung-hi tells Jeong-suk about I-rang’s visit, then informs the resident her daughter doesn’t have to “feel guilty” about Eun-seo going forward, so should still attend art school as planned. “We hurt our kids too much,” the head of Family Medicine bluntly states.

Struck by this message, Jeong-suk swiftly gives In-ho a divorce application, wanting to “end things quickly” via mutual agreement. But the professor won’t budge, warning his wife he’ll willingly spend his “entire fortune” to stop their separation in court.

While Mi-hee tries to encourage the soon-to-be-divorced Jeong-suk to pursue Roy Kim (who we see had semi-admitted to having feelings for the resident), Seung-hi leaves the drunken In-ho to his own devices, tired of his warped apologies and childish behaviour. In doing so, the adulterous surgeon actually wakes up the next day outside, still somewhat disoriented.

Frustrated by receiving a “divorce petition” from Seoul Family Court, In-ho confronts Jeong-suk about her desire for a swift separation, wondering if it’s sparked by Roy Kim. “You’re the most pathetic loser I’ve ever seen,” is the harsh response to that vocal pondering.

How does Roy Kim’s meeting with his biological parents go?

Next, Roy Kim shares good news with Jeong-suk, that his biological parents have been found. However, the professor isn’t entirely happy, and can’t take his mind away from theorising why only he was put up for adoption, while none of his other siblings were. With that in mind, the admittedly anxious Roy asks Jeong-suk if she can accompany him when he meets his family.

When Jung-min tells So-ra he’ll be enlisting in the military due to his need to reflect on his life choices, the latter humorously ensures their relationship will be continuing. Meanwhile, Deok-rye talks with Seung-hi prior to her hospital discharge, thanking her for the treatment she received.

In the note left behind for Seung-hi, Deok-rye — who plans on living out her life as a “kinder person” — accepts she feels “sympathy” for the professor, and leaves a sincere message. “Do not abandon your chance to become a good person and mother,” the elder writes, noting joy will be felt when the head of Family Medicine lives for herself.

Unfortunately, Roy Kim’s family meeting goes poorly. The family patriarch spends time criticising his late wife’s finances, and has it made clear to his adopted son he was only sought after because he’s a doctor. Then, Roy is quickly told about his elderly dad’s acute leukaemia and his need for a bone marrow transplant.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 14 Ending Explained

As Roy Kim struggles to hide his dejection, Jeong-suk excitedly suggests the pair run back to the hospital. So they do, releasing their pent-up emotions in the process.

However, the end of the episode isn’t so positive. Despite finding out she is “resident of the month,” Jeong-suk brings an end to this instalment by getting faint and coughing up blood.

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