Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 15 Recap – what is Jeong-suk’s health issue?

June 3, 2023 (Last updated: June 5, 2023)
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Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 15 Recap


A strong penultimate installment sets the stakes for the finale.

We recap the Netflix K-Drama series Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 15, which contains significant spoilers and major plot points.

Complemented by well-placed humor, episode 15 of Doctor Cha contained plenty of emotion and was amongst the series’ best efforts. Tomorrow’s finale looks like it’ll be a rewarding one, which means this show looks ready to end on a high.

Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 15 Recap

What is the reaction to Jeong-suk’s liver troubles?

We begin with Jeong-suk being informed by Roy Kim that her recent health issues could be “acute liver failure.” Disappointingly, the resident, who becomes discouraged in her work, understands she must quickly “get things in order” with her training before a biopsy and hospital admission.

After brushing past questions on potentially donating his bone marrow for his father, Roy Kim gets So-ra to order him some tests. The reason for this isn’t exactly subtle, given that the professor wants to know whether his liver matches Jeong-suk. Meanwhile, Ae-sim finds out the hospital investment she made through her now estranged partner was a scam.

How do Ae-sim’s debts become troublesome?

As Jeong-suk begins subtle farewells to her fellow residents, In-ho is told some home truths by a divorce expert. These are that the professor could lose “up to 50%” of his assets and that Ae-sim’s building, which was put under her daughter-in-law’s name for tax purposes, could be taken away.

When Ae-sim suggests selling the building, panicking about needing to swiftly pay a sizeable amount of money back to her friend’s thanks to the investment scam she was caught up in, In-ho takes action. But Jeong-suk doesn’t budge, not wanting to sell her asset for the benefit of the family who “used” her.

In return, the resident suggests that in her divorce, she can keep the building while In-ho retains possession of the house.

Next, Deok-rye talks candidly with Ae-sim about her mistreatment of Jeong-suk and how they should leave their children to deal with their impending divorce. Concurrently, Jeong-suk’s final patient, 103-year-old Lee Pan-sim, is said to be suffering from an aortic dissection, meaning she may die without immediate surgery.

While warnings over Ae-sim’s unpaid debts affecting his reputation cause In-ho to entertain the idea of borrowing money from Seung-hi, Jeong-suk is accused of desiring a larger treatment payment due to her taking a CT scan of Lee Pan-sim, who her children expected would die.

Together, the elderly pair make it known to the resident that their mother must be “tired of life.”

After hearing from Pan-sim herself that she hoped to be able to pass away “this time,” Jeong-suk prepares to take her leave of absence but cannot be promised reinstatement post-liver treatment.

Luckily, there is some good news, as Roy Kim tells his friend he would be able and willing to donate his liver if necessary.

Following a petty confrontation with his wife over how she’s partially responsible for him potentially being exposed to Ae-sim’s debt, In-ho speaks with Seung-hi. Though he cannot bring himself to ask for money, he soon ends up stunned by the news that the ill Jeong-suk could need another liver transplant should drug therapy fail.

What does In-ho do about his wife’s illness?

As Jeong-suk tells her family the truth about her condition yet attempts to offer some reassurance, too, In-ho surprisingly reflects on the times he has needlessly tormented his wife. It’s so overwhelming for the adulterous professor he pulls over and weeps, realizing just how horrible he’s been.

At Roy Kim’s office, a tearful In-ho hears the full extent of his wife’s health issues and puts himself forward as a liver donor, wanting to “make up” for his many wrongdoings. Then, the professor pays Jeong-suk a visit to tell her this same thing, only to receive a dressing down over how she’s put Ae-sim’s building on the market, so he needn’t bother with a false attempt at kindness.

On his knees, In-ho begs for a chance to do something for Jeong-suk, but she emotionally refuses, knowing their relationship is destined to end regardless. “If I die, then that’s just my fate,” the former resident says, absolving her husband of the blame for her health issues, hoping he’ll drop his belated attempt at liver donation.

After Jeong-suk expresses her gratefulness for all she’s managed to see and do in life, noting she’s “not sad” over the prospect of dying, the former resident talks with Seung-hi. Here, apologies are given, and an acknowledgment is made that should their lives have played out differently, the two enemies could’ve been friends.

Then, Jeong-suk tells Seung-hi she wishes to be “at peace now,” wanting the same for her adversary too.

 Doctor Cha Season 1 Episode 15 Ending Explained

When In-ho hears of Roy Kim’s desire to give his liver to Jeong-suk, the professor cancels an apologetic text to his wife in favor of confronting his foe. The two then naturally squabble over their respective intent of donation before they’re interrupted.

Of course, this interrupter turns out to be Jeong-suk, dressed in leather and entirely confident. To end the episode, she leaves Roy Kim and In-ho waiting for her to decide over whose liver she will accept.

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