Rich in Love 2 Review – a wholesome continuation of the endearing Brazilian rom-com

June 2, 2023 (Last updated: June 3, 2023)
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2023 Netflix film Rich in Love 2 Review


While there’s nothing new in the plot, the film follows a tried and tested formula that will keep you invested in the on-screen action.

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix film Rich in Love 2, which does not contain spoilers.

Rich in Love 2 (Portughese: Ricos de Amor 2) is a sequel to 2020’s Rich in Love, and it continues the love story between the wealthy Teto and his ambitious love interest, Paula. The film, directed by Bruno Garotti, features the return of most of the characters introduced in the first film, but this time their adventures take place deep inside the Amazon forest.

Rich in Love 2 Review and Plot Summary

Rich in Love 2 starts with Teto (Danilo Mesquita) and Paula (Giovanna Lancellotti), still together but preparing to say goodbye. She’s got an opportunity to volunteer her medical expertise in a disadvantaged community in the Amazon, where she’ll be working closely with her handsome colleague, Dr. Tawan (Adanilo Reis).

Unable to cope with his girlfriend making life decisions without him, Teto tries convincing her to accept his dad’s local sponsorship deal. Instead, the Tomato King helps the two doctors secure sponsorship in the Amazon from an old friend of his, Everaldo (Roney Villela).

The tomato co-op Teto started with his two friends, Monique (Lellê) and Igor (Jaffar Bambirra), who aren’t doing so well. So, of course, he decides to move business premises to the same area Paula is working. Saying she’s not impressed with his impulsive decision-making would be an understatement.

But as the area’s tomato king, Everaldo throws a spanner in the mix, which leads to Monique and Igor pretending to be Paula and Teto in hopes of selling the struggling co-op. Meanwhile, Teto tries to save his business by working with a local indigenous village.

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Rich in Love was a sweet romantic comedy, and its sequel offers the same level of wholesome entertainment. While in the first movie, Teto had to win Paula’s love; now, he needs to grow as a person before she can fully regard him as a life partner.

The film combines soap-opera levels of melodrama (we even get shocking paternity reveals thrown in!) with comedic moments while trying to touch upon serious social issues. While the social commentary is clumsy, and the stakes never feel important enough, the character developments are brilliantly done.

It’s hard not to find the spoiled rich boy’s fight to save his relationship and business endearing. Mesquita is great at portraying an exasperating protagonist whose heart is right where it should be. And the rest of the cast does a solid job bringing this simple yet touching story to life.

Is Rich in Love 2 good or bad?

Like the first film, Rich in Love 2 features silly moments, a healthy dose of melodrama, and a measure of personal growth.

While there’s nothing new in the plot, the film follows a tried and tested formula that will keep you invested in the on-screen action.

Is Rich in Love 2 worth watching?

Rich in Love 2 is a touching and lighthearted flick set in a stunning location. If you’ve enjoyed the first one, you’ll also want to stream the sequel.

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