Rich in Love 2 Ending Explained (In Detail)

By Lori Meek
Published: June 2, 2023 (Last updated: June 3, 2023)
2023 Netflix film Rich in Love 2 Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Rich in Love 2, which will contain spoilers.

Rich in Love 2 starts with Teto (Danilo Mesquita) and Paula (Giovanna Lancellotti), still together but preparing to say goodbye. She’s got an opportunity to volunteer her medical expertise in a disadvantaged community in the Amazon, where she’ll be working closely with her handsome colleague, Dr. Tawan (Adanilo).

Unable to cope with his girlfriend making life decisions without him, Teto tries convincing her to accept his dad’s local sponsorship deal. Instead, the Tomato King helps the two doctors secure sponsorship in the Amazon from an old friend of his, Everaldo (Roney Vilella).

The tomato co-op Teto started with his two friends, Monique (Lellê) and Igor (Jaffar Bambirra), who aren’t doing so well. So, of course, he decides to move business premises to the same area Paula is working. Saying she’s not impressed with his impulsive decision-making would be an understatement.

But as the area’s tomato king, Everaldo throws a spanner in the mix, which leads to Monique and Igor pretending to be Paula and Teto in hopes of selling the struggling co-op. Meanwhile, Teto tries to save his business by working with a local indigenous village.

Sick of Teto’s constant interference with her job, Paula breaks up with him, while Monique and Igor are inclined to sell the co-op to Everlato. 

Rich in Love 2 Ending Explained

For his part, Everlato reveals he used to do some unsavory (read: illegal) jobs for Teto’s grandfather. Among those jobs was rehoming Grandad’s bastard son. And yes, that son was Igor, who’s technically Teto’s uncle. 

Teto’s hard work in gaining the trust of Wunin’s community finally pays off when the village elders accept him as one of their own and even throw a party in his honor. His efforts don’t go unnoticed by Paula, who’s suitably impressed and agrees to give their relationship another go. 

The following day, Teto, Paula, and Wunin stumble upon members of the illegal gold mining operation that’s been making the villagers sick. 

Who is behind the illegal mining making the villagers sick?

To Teto’s shock, the mining endeavor is bankrolled by none other than Everaldo, whose real interests in purchasing the tomato co-op have nothing to do with the nutritious fruits. The trio hides away and listens in on the businessman’s dirty deals. 

Paula is disappointed to see Dr. Tawan willingly accept a bribe from Everlato to willfully ignore the sickness caused by the mercury in the mines. She’s even more disappointed to hear Everaldo mention that Teto asked him to intervene and stop her from volunteering at the Amazon. 

After hearing Everlato brag about buying Teto’s tomato co-up, Wunin feels she can no longer trust him. 

How does Teto plan to save Pawi?

There’s little time for the two women to stay angry at Teto as their friend, Pawi, had been kidnapped by the gold miners in an attempt to blackmail the indigenous community off their land. Teto comes up with the idea of kidnapping Everlato on his boat and using him as a bargaining chip to rescue Pawi. 

On the boat, Everlato learns of Monique and Igor’s true identities, Solange is appalled to find out that her father is a criminal. Teto is surprised to hear about Igor’s true parentage but is open to sharing the family fortune with him. 

After Pawi’s rescue, the group abandons the boat, but not before Everlato manages to shoot Teto. Thankfully, Paula’s medical intervention saves his life. 

Who gets Everlato arrested?

When Dr. Tawan returns to the village, Paula wastes no time confronting him for accepting a bribe. But Tawan was actually secretly recording the illegal bribing attempt so he could post it online. The video goes viral, leaving authorities with no choice but to arrest Everlato.

One year on, we learn that Igor’s wife is now running the Tomato King’s business, while Monique and her girlfriend, Solange, are in charge of the co-op. Igor is now a stay-at-home dad working on his college degree. 

How long before Teto and Paula get back together?

As for Teto, he’s spent a year traveling across the country trying to find that mysterious yellow tomato Wunin mentioned at the start of the film. In one village, he comes across Paula. The two finally reconcile and decide to resume their relationship. It may have taken a year, but they’ve grown enough as individuals during this time apart for their relationship to succeed. 

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