Faithfully Yours Review – A generic mystery thriller that had the potential to be better

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: May 18, 2023 (Last updated: March 2, 2024)
Faithfully Yours Review - A generic mystery thriller that had the potential to be better


A web of lies turns into a very tangled situation for this generic mystery thriller that barely scratches the surface.

This review of the Netflix film Faithfully Yours does not contain spoilers.

When it comes to saucy thrillers Netflix knows how to deliver. Even though the majority of their series or films are generic and fit the conventions to a fault, these projects are self-aware. It is that very reason why these risque thrillers do well.

Faithfully Yours review and plot summary

Faithfully Yours has everyone lying to each other all because of the unexpected predicament the characters put themselves in.

In Faithfully Yours, two best friends, Bodil (Bracha van Doesburgh) and Isabel (Elise Schaap), who appear happily married, sneak off for secret affairs and use each other as cover. But when something unfortunate happens when they were supposed to have been together, Bodil gets tangled in her own web of lies.

You may think you know someone, but you truly don’t. There are many people out there who do not show their true selves and it’s mainly for protection or to do whatever they please.

Some people can be manipulative to the point where they can mask two different lives and it’s scary.

It’s interesting to see which characters are stronger than others in the web lies and which ones crumble. There are also pawns in the mix that end up getting hurt. There are plenty of twists and turns that will keep you guessing throughout.

Is Faithfully Yours good or bad?

The one good thing about this film is that the audience gets to know both friends as unlikable characters and that’s what makes them intriguing. Knowing that they are hiding a part of their life from their significant others already makes this engaging.

Like any mystery thriller, as an audience member, you naturally become invested in solving the mystery. Director Andre van Duren does craft a solid mystery, but it also falls into generic territory.

It is in the middle of the road of what consists of a good or bad thriller. They use similar conventions but never go the extra mile to make it more than what the genre typically consists of. It could have been bloodier or sexier, but it just stayed safe.

Is Faithfully Yours worth watching?

The reason why Faithfully Yours is worth watching is because of all of the deceit. The twists are placed pretty well throughout the film and everyone is a suspect.

Even though it may feel generic at times, it’s still a good enough story to hold your interest. The way van Duren peels back the layers of this mystery is a bit slow even for its short runtime.

Audiences can learn that there are different forms of lying in this film and that it’s better to be aware of it all. People can lie on a large scale and not get caught, but it’s the little lies that add up that could cause trouble.

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