Human Resources Season 2 Review – the Hormone Monsters return for a mediocre farewell

By Adam Lock
Published: June 8, 2023 (Last updated: June 10, 2023)
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Netflix animated series Human Resources Season 2 review


Human Resources is as crude, rude, and raunchy as ever, fully committing to its unique style of comedic storytelling once again. Yet even with an excellent voice cast and the return of many lovable characters, the series still feels like it has started to lose its appeal.

We review the Netflix animated series Human Resources Season 2, which does not contain significant spoilers or plot twists.

Netflix’s Big Mouth spin-off series Human Resources returns to our screens for a second and final season this summer. The adult animated sitcom continues to follow the eclectic lives of its beloved cast while employing the same crude humor and endless sex jokes audiences have come to expect from Nick Kroll and his twisted team of writers.

Human Resources Season 2 Review and Plot Summary

The second season once again focuses on the workplace antics of its main players. Lovebug Emmy (Aidy Bryant) takes on her most challenging client yet, a woman called Sarah (Florence Pugh), who is stubbornly averse to love.

This new project introduces Emmy to Sarah’s cool Logic Rock Van (Miley Cyrus), a potential love interest for the sprightly Lovebug.

The dependable Logic Rock Pete (Randall Park) is also back, and he, too, is looking for love in this crazy adult world. While Rochelle (Keke Palmer) and Dante (Hugh Jackman) go through a rough patch in their rocky relationship.

Hormone monsters Maury (Nick Kroll) and Connie (Maya Rudolph) also return, hoping to guide their child Montel through the complex stages of adolescence. Unfortunately, Montel rebels right away, choosing to be a Shame Wizard instead. Montel shadows the spineless villain Lionel (David Thewlis), learning of the Shame Wizard’s ways.

All these numerous subplots interweave throughout the ten-episode series. The show-runners find time to explore all that, plus many other storylines and secondary characters along the way. The show includes tonnes of meta, self-referential in-jokes and utilizes a handful of elaborate movie homages too.

Is Human Resources Season 2 good or bad?

The second season of Human Resources is just as fast-paced and hilarious as the first, including an embarrassingly impressive voice cast and some intriguing story arcs. That being said, the show may just be passing its sell-by date, reverting to repetitive storylines and scattershot randomness that feels lazy and uninspired instead of playful.

That insane voice cast (including Rosie Perez, Eugene Levy, Jason Mantzoukas, Thandiwe Newton, Niecy Nash, Jemaine Clement, and Bobby Cannavale) and a string of lovable core characters nearly save the series from its overall mediocrity.

It tries to tackle important issues, including disability and death but struggles to harness any lasting emotional connections. The show is just too meandering and messy on the whole to invest in. This will work better as a quick binge but doesn’t warrant any deeper scrutiny.

Is Human Resources Season 2 worth watching?

Fans of the series will be satisfied by the overall plotting and the return of the show’s liberating and very specific sense of humor, which has become a USP for Nick Kroll and the gang. Yet after six seasons of Big Mouth and two more from the spin-off series, this style of animation and humor may have reached its limits.

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