The Wonder Weeks Review – an endearing film about the journey of pregnancy with three couples

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: June 10, 2023
2023 Netflix film The Wonder Weeks Review


A film with heart and a deep understanding of what motherhood is. The characters all reflect different aspects of pregnancy, which is important for viewers who have struggled with that journey.

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix film The Wonder Weeks, which does not contain significant spoilers.

If you’re wondering why The Wonder Weeks sounds familiar, it is a period babies go through while developing in their early months. Babies quickly go through 10 developmental leaps, so they seem different within months.

The baby wonder week leaps occur at predictable times and are preceded by a fussy period. Without a doubt, films surrounding motherhood are scarce, but when movies are released with the central focus being on pregnancy or post-pregnancy, those stories are important.

Women go through so much in their lives, and nothing will ever prepare you for what pregnancy entails. No one explains how anything works, and that’s why the majority of women are scared. It’s only a process they hear from other women; each body is different, so it affects everyone differently.

The Wonder Weeks on Netflix has a wonderful cast of women with a wholesome story to brighten anyone’s mood. Not only do you get some comedic moments, but it’s also a heartfelt journey with three different couples experiencing pregnancy differently.

More importantly, the women are highlighted, and anyone mother can resonate with their struggles.

The Wonder Weeks Review and Plot Summary

Everyone knows how difficult pregnancies can be, and in The Wonder Weeks, there are three different young mothers who want to help each other go on this journey. The cute thing about this film is that they develop a “Mama Club” that not only helps each other with frequently asked questions but also other young mothers who are struggling with pregnancy.

It’s a sweet premise that really hasn’t been done before, and it was refreshing to see young mothers uniting under one roof to help each other out. There are three different couples; Anne and Barry, Kim and Roos, and Isle and Sabri. Each has a story that others can connect with, making for a modernized family unit to be established early in the film.

Anne and Barry just gave birth to their baby girl, and she has to go back to work now that her maternity leave is finished. So that adjustment of getting back into a routine and leaving her baby to go to work is a hurdle most mothers have to go through.

Kim is the group’s founder and is married to Roos; they are a lesbian couple who seek the help of their friend Kaj (also their sperm donor) to make their dreams as parents possible. The three of them have a unique dynamic, and this also leads to a thread of different ways to have a child.

The final couple, Ilse and Sabri, are an interracial couple with different backgrounds, and they struggle with deciding how to raise their newborn with two distinct ideologies.

What The Wonder Weeks does well is show the full spectrum of pregnancy and the differences each couple goes through because life is never simple. It shows the struggles through the emotional moments and the anecdotes through the comedic moments.

Is the 2023 movie The Wonder Weeks good or bad?

The Wonder Weeks is a sweet film on Netflix that is entertaining enough to sit through because of what they explore for motherhood.

Women will especially connect to one of these characters and their situations. It is good for what the story consists of narratively, but it is a generic dramedy with a solid cast to tell this story.

Is the 2023 movie The Wonder Weeks worth watching?

If you are a fan of lighthearted comedies that pack an unexpected emotional punch, then it is worth a watch.

You almost don’t expect to find it as endearing as it is, but the direction by Apple Boudellah and Aram van de Rest makes this delightful to watch.

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