The Wonder Weeks Ending Explained – what happens with each mother?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: June 10, 2023
2023 Netflix film The Wonder Weeks Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film The Wonder Weeks, which will contain significant spoilers and plot twists.

The Wonder Weeks has three young mothers who want to help each other on this journey. They develop this “Mama Club” to help each other and other pregnant women. It’s a sweet premise that hasn’t been done before, and it was refreshing to see young mothers unite under one roof to help each other out.

The three couples; Anne and Barry, Kim and Roos, and Ilse and Sabri, have a unique story to which many couples can relate.

Anne and Barry just gave birth to their baby girl, and she has to return to work now that her maternity leave is finished. So that adjustment of getting back into a routine and leaving her baby to go to work is a hurdle most mothers have to endure.

Kim is the group’s founder and is married to Roos; they are a lesbian couple who seek the help of their friend Kaj (also their sperm donor) to make their dreams as parents possible.

The three have a unique dynamic, leading to a thread of different ways to have a child.

What The Wonder Weeks does well is show the full pregnancy spectrum and what each couple goes through. It reflects modern society and the many obstacles one can face when bringing a child into this world.

Life is never simple, and emotional moments show those struggles, along with anecdotes through the comedic moments.

The Wonder Weeks Ending Explained

As the film plays out, there are some questionable moments between Anne and Barry with their newborn causing tension between them. No one talks about the stress your marriage goes under when the newborn is the central focus of everything in your world. You tend to forget about each other and focus on the baby.

Do Anne and Barry make it?

When Mia is born, their relationship does suffer. They both work, and it’s hard for them to balance parenthood and being a working parent. Again, the adjustment causes so much stress because it becomes overwhelming. Like many children, Mia has trouble sleeping at night and constantly wakes up crying. Which shift would you take, the morning or the night? This causes Anne and Barry to slowly come to their wits end, trying to make both parts of the day work with Mia.

Anne is a workaholic and doesn’t realize that she can’t split her time with Barry and Mia and solely focuses on Mia after work. Anne finds out that Barry is attracted to someone else, and she calls it quits.

Barry moves out of the house for a while, but she soon realizes she does want to share every moment of Mia’s life with Barry, and they reconcile after she says she will work on herself.

Does Kaj get to be with his kid?

Kim and Anne have similar controlling tendencies, which is one reason she’s apprehensive about letting Kaj be part of their lives in a parental stance. In a way, their child is just as much his as it is theirs. It’s not so much the notion of co-parenting because of biology but because they don’t believe he’s responsible enough actually to take care of a child.

After a series of unfortunate events with their two other children, Roos’ water breaks, and she’s at the park with her kids alongside Anne and Kaj. Kaj helps and takes her to the hospital, and Roos goes into labor with him beside her. Instead of a natural birth, they need to operate on her and perform a C-section which scares Kim, but he is there for her.

At this moment, Kim realizes just how responsible he is and welcomes him as a third parent.

Does Ilse decide on circumcision?

Samhi’s circumcision goes a bit off the rails, and Teun accidentally gets circumcised. Ilse and Sabri have had issues communicating with one another, and they both have their opinions on their son’s name, which inevitably causes issues for them in the future. They cannot decide on many things because they think differently. Ilse and Sabri decide to keep traditions in their own way to honor them.

They choose to circumcise their son but draw the line at the sacrificial sheep ceremony because of Ilse’s wishes. Compromise is the only way to move forward and the best way to work things out.

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