Who is Mimsy in The Lake Season 2? Explained

By Ricky Valero
Published: June 10, 2023
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Who is Mimsy in The Lake Season 2

Who is Mimsy in The Lake Season 2? We discuss the popular Prime Video series and one of the supporting characters. 

The Lake Season 2 featured Justin and Riley finally ready to settle down and let everyone know about their relationship. However, after the boathouse burns down, the relationship goes awry, causing the two to head their separate ways.

While that happens, Mimsy comes to town telling everyone she is dying, and her daughter Maisy-May doesn’t believe a word she says.

While the second season of The Lake got away from the charm that attracted audiences in season one, several aspects of the show kept you interested.

One of which was the relationship between Mimsy and Maisy-May, who had a battle of wits throughout the entire season.

Who is Mimsy in The Lake Season 2?

Mimsy is the mother of Maisy-May and the stepmother to Justin. After her husband’s death, she sticks her nose into her family’s business, causing mass chaos in her family.

But she is coming back to town to let everyone know that she is on the verge of dying.

Why is Mimsy important?

Mimsy returned to the town to inform everyone that she was dying. However, her spotlight was taken when Justin and Riley announced their marriage. After the wedding goes awry and the boathouse burns down, Mimsy sees this as her chance to bounce.

After Justin takes his name off the trust that would’ve given the cottage to his daughter Billie, Mimsy snagged control of it from her daughter Maisy-May. She used this to hold over her head to attempt to control her family.

Whether she used her connections to keep Maisy-May’s son away longer during the summer or made light of the boathouse being burnt down, Mimsy pushed Maisy-May to the brink.

Mimsy control of the cottage and knows she can use this to hold over her daughter’s head to get her to do what she wants. It works when she makes a deal with Maisy-May that she will give her the cottage as long as she stays the summer with her.

Who Plays Mimsy in The Lake Season 2?

Mimsy is played by actress Lauren Holly.

What is Lauren Holly known for?

Lauren Holly has been acting for over thirty years. She caught everyone’s attention in her role as Bruce Lee’s wife, Linda, in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story.

Holly is most notably known for her role in the 1994 film Dumb and Dumber, where she played Mary. She was Lloyd Christmas’s love interest in the movie which Jim Carrey played.

Holly also is known for roles in the series NCIS, All My Children, and Chicago Hope.

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