Junko Furuta Murder: Where is Hiroshi Miyano Now?

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 15, 2023 (Last updated: June 17, 2023)
Junko Furuta Murder: - Where is Hiroshi Miyano Now

Where is Hiroshi Miyano Now? We discuss the murder of Junko Furuta that some may find disturbing. Reader discretion is very heavily advised.

A shocking abduction and murder of a high school student would go on to be described as the worst case of juvenile delinquency in post-war Japan. Junko Furuta’s case would become known as the “concrete-encased high school girl murder case” after her body was found inside a drum of concrete.

Junko was kidnapped, raped, tortured, and eventually murdered by four male attackers, all in their teens. The case is a horrific and shocking one, that would leave a loving family devastated, and a community that could not believe what had happened.

Junko was a normal girl at high school, that worked part-time, was popular with her classmates, and dreamed of being a pop idol. The horrific bone chilling attack would begin on November the 25th 1988, and the ordeal would last until January 4th, 1989.

It would be a sadistically planned, sickening catalog of terror, perpetrated by four teenagers that knew exactly what they were doing, even to the point of making Junko call her parents to say she was staying with a friend and not to call the police.

Junko was repeatedly raped by the gang of four, who also threatened to kill her family if she did not do what they said. After a truly horrific and impossible-to-process series of attacks, torture, and sexual assault, Junko would be set on fire and beaten, resulting in her death.

Her body would be disposed of, entombed in concrete in a metal drum. The four deviants were all teenage boys: Hiroshi Miyano, Jo Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushu Watanabe.

In court, they would be referred to as “A”  “B” “C” and “D”. This article will explain what we know about this most disturbing case and answer the question where is Hiroshi Miyano now?

Who is Hiroshi Miyano?

Hiroshi Miyano seemed to be the pack leader in this scenario and had a long history of petty crime in his past. Miyano started his psychotic behavior early at elementary school, where he would frequently steal from shops and be disruptive, damaging property and having no respect for his teachers.

In 1986, he would be enrolled in a private school in Tokyo, but this would not last the year, and he would drop out.

His criminal behavior would grow steadily worse, and he would find work in a tiling business. Eventually, he would become romantically involved with the sister of one of the other gang members, and they would be staying together at the time of the monstrous crime against Junko.

Miyano was not happy with his work and would find himself becoming involved with a local gangster, leading to various other sexual attacks against women. The girlfriend would soon end their relationship.

What did Hiroshi Miyano do?

Miyano would see Junko at around 8.30 pm as she cycled home after work. He instigated an attack on Junko by other members of the gang, then afterward approached her, saying he saw what happened and he would make sure she got home safely. However, this would lead to Junko being abducted by Miyano, who would rape her twice and threaten to murder her.

Other members of the gang would then tell Miyano to keep her there, so they could all assault her. At roughly 3.00 am Miyano would take Junko to a park where the rest of the gang were waiting.

From there, she would be taken to a house that was owned by the parents of Minato where she would be assaulted and beaten again by all four. It was here that Junko would remain for the duration of the forty-four day ordeal of terror.

Where is Hiroshi Miyano Now?

All four of the gang were found guilty of “committing bodily injury that resulted in death” as opposed to murder. In July 1990, Miyano would receive a seventeen-year prison sentence. He appealed, but a high court would then add a further three years to his sentence. He was eighteen when he committed the crime. After his release, he would move in with his mother, but before long he was arrested again, this time for attempted murder against a man.

His plea for parole would be denied, and he would stay in jail until 2009, but the psychopath would then be re-arrested for fraud in 2013 but he would avoid another jail term,

He remains free today.

Who were the other Junko Furuta’s killers?

The others involved in the truly shocking crime were Jo Ogura, Shinji Minato, and Yasushu Watanabe. Junko Furuta’s story has sparked outrage in Japan.

The leniency of prison sentences is often cited as an example of the country’s failing justice system.

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