Silo Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10 Recap – What Does Juliette Find on the Hard Drive?

By Adam Lock
Published: June 23, 2023 (Last updated: March 23, 2024)
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Silo Season 1 Episodes 9 and 10 Recap
Silo Season 1 (Credit - Apple TV+)

The previous installment of Silo ended with Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) escaping her captors and leaping to her possible freedom or death – Season 1 Episode 9 picks up seconds later as Juliette falls an entire level to avoid arrest. In this gripping penultimate episode, Juliette investigates the hard drive’s contents while evading Sims and his goons.

Silo Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

Falling an entire level, Juliette lands on a bridge below. She pulls herself up and turns a hobble into a sprint as she escapes Sims and Paul. They chase after her but soon lose the fugitive. Sims grows suspicious of Paul, who is clearly at fault for Juliette’s escape. He sends the deputy sheriff home.

Paul blames himself for Juliette getting away. He argues with his wife over the Syndrome and his out-of-control tremors. Paul doesn’t want to lose his job or admit his lie. He decides to find Juliette as a way of righting this wrong.

Paul also investigates her possible whereabouts while Sims and Bernard hunt for the fugitive. Sims questions Juliette’s father, Pete, while at the same time, his goons head down to Martha’s apartment, but nobody can find Juliette whatsoever.

Paul goes to search her apartment building, although he is refused entry by Sims’ people. They appear to be raiding the joint, confiscating all of Juliette’s possessions.

Where is Juliette hiding?

Ironically, Juliette is hiding in the last place that Sims would look, the man’s family home. She cuffs Sims’ wife Camille to a pipe and loads up the hard drive onto Sims’ computer. Meanwhile, Sims’ son Anthony watches from the safety of his bedroom, traumatized by the unfolding events.

Juliette gains access to the drive and scrolls through the thousands of files that fill the screen. Camille seizes her opportunity, and while Juliette is distracted, she starts to pick at her locks.

Simultaneously, Lukas is questioned by Bernard about Juliette’s whereabouts, and Paul breaks into Juliette’s apartment after hours.

What does Paul find in Juliette’s apartment?

Paul quickly finds the hidden relic in Juliette’s apartment, which is stashed behind her bathroom mirror cabinet. Surprisingly, the raiders were unable to find this vital artifact. Paul flicks through the magazine, moved to tears by what he has found.

Eventually, he burns the magazine, but he keeps one of the magazine’s pages for himself.

Elsewhere, Lukas reveals the hard drive’s serial number to Bernard, which happens to be the number 18. With this information, Bernard heads to the observation room.

He has the computer technicians search for the hard drive, scanning the entire system. They quickly locate the drive to Sims’ home. Sims sprints to level 17, desperate to protect his family.

What does Juliette find on the hard drive?

Juliette is overwhelmed by the files but finds one titled ‘Start Here.’ This file contains a video recorded by George. He talks about the possible outcomes of his illegal investigation and the importance of the hard drive. Camille frees herself while Juliette is transfixed on the footage. Sims’ wife grabs a hammer but warns Juliette instead of attacking her. Juliette now has time to escape.

Sims comes to his family’s rescue, but Juliette has already fled. She’s hiding out at Patrick’s apartment. Juliette and Patrick request the services of a skilled hacker called Danny. He manages to infiltrate the device immediately and throws Judicial off their scent, distracting them with a false location.

Silo Season 1 Episode 9 Ending Explained

Juliette watches George’s video in full. George admits to using Juliette for her knowledge, although he still ended up falling in love with her anyway. He informs Juliette that he’s found a hidden door, which is 15 feet high and made of metal. George cannot break through it, but he hopes Juliette will succeed where he has failed.

George’s last request is for Juliette to check out a file named ‘Jane Carmody Cleaning.’ George ends the video by telling Juliette that he loves her. Juliette finds the file George mentioned.

It’s the same one that Allison watched with George all that time ago. A woman goes out to clean and sees the true landscape outside of the Silo, with birds flying in the sky. Juliette realizes that the display in the Silo is a lie.

Silo Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Silo Season 1 (Credit – Apple TV+)

After watching the footage of the real outside world, Juliette realizes that the citizens need to know the truth. Juliette suggests linking the video to all of the Silo’s computers. Danny and Patrick take her to the nearest hub so that her plan can be put in place.

Sims and Bernard aren’t far behind, though. They have the drive’s location and send raiders to Patrick’s home. With the raiders in hot pursuit, the trio of fugitives hides out in the trash chutes, moving from one level to the next.

While they run, Sims interrogates Paul to see what he knows about Juliette’s secrets. Paul lies, stating that he didn’t find anything at her apartment. Sims get aggressive, and his anger causes Paul’s shakes to worsen. Now Sims is aware that Paul has the Syndrome.

Does Juliette broadcast the footage?

The trio connects the hard drive to a hub, and they broadcast the video onto the computer screens. Bernard’s team all witnessed this unveiling. He orders them to avert their eyes, though. Bernard quickly responds, shutting down the whole system.

Juliette then flees, heading back into the trash chute. Bernard figures out her plan and sends the police in to capture her. They are ordered to hurl rubbish at Juliette. One large item hurtles Juliette, and she is forced to fall backward down the chute to escape being crushed.

She awakens in mechanical. Knox sells her out to Judicial, though, and they soon come to arrest her. Sims want to harm Juliette for threatening his family and scaring his son, but Bernard stops him. Bernard destroys the hard drive in front of Juliette. He demands that she goes out to clean. Juliette agrees on one condition; she wants to know the truth about George’s death.

With Juliette in shackles, Martha decides to help her friend out the best she can. She leaves her home for the first time in 25 years and heads to Carla from Supply. Martha wants to know what is so important about the heat tape.

How did George Wilkins die?

Keeping to his word, Bernard takes Juliette to the secret computer room with all the screens. She is shown footage of George. He was cuffed and taken by Doug. George chose to jump and kill himself instead of revealing his secrets to Judicial. Juliette is heartbroken to see this footage.

Juliette is then placed in a cell and prepares for her cleaning. She says her goodbyes to Pete and Shirley. Shirley passes her a note from Martha; it says that she loves her, with the cryptic message that ‘they’re good in Supply.’

Paul’s illness may have been spotted, but he is given an exemption and handed the new Sheriff’s role. Then Bernard speaks with Juliette in private. He defends his actions, explaining that the truth would destroy the Silo. Juliette disagrees, believing that a lot of innocent people have died for nothing.

For her last request, Juliette is handed Holston’s sheriff badge. Juliette is dressed in a special protective suit, and heat tape is used to keep the suit sealed shut, presumably to protect her from the toxic air outside. Crowds gather to watch Juliette go out to clean.

Bernard reads the official speech, and Juliette walks the steps to the outside world above. She steps outside and sees the beautiful landscape that Holston and Allison also saw. The display is a lie. Juliette refuses to clean the silo’s sensor and walks up the hill.

Silo Season 1 Ending Explained

Juliette stumbles and collapses. She notices that the beautiful landscape is actually just a hologram and is not real. Juliette places the sheriff’s badge on the hologram, and it falls through to the ground below. She stares at the heat tape and repeats Martha’s message back to herself. She now believes that the tape is actually of the utmost importance and is there to protect her after all.

Watching Juliette, Bernard worries that she’s figured out their lies. He runs to the server room and alters the settings. Juliette’s view reverts back to the desolate wasteland. This dystopia is the actual reality. Juliette continues up the hill and observes the wasteland around her.

What is outside the Silo?

As the camera zooms out, we see many other silo sites all closely packed together. There are also the ruins of an American city in the distance. It looks like the beautiful scenery was the real lie. Will Juliette now journey to the next Silo before her oxygen runs out?

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