How old is Eric in The Perfect Find? Age Gap Explained

By Kieran Burt
Published: June 24, 2023 (Last updated: August 17, 2023)
How old is Eric in The Perfect Find - Age Gap Explained

How old is Eric in The Perfect Find? We break down the age gap between Eric Hale and Jenna Jones in the Netflix movie The Perfect Find and explain how old Eric is. There will be spoilers for the film below. 

 The Perfect Find is a romance movie based on Tia Williams’ 2016 novel and is about overcoming age gaps.

Directed by Numa Perrier, it follows Eric Combs (Keith Powers) as he strikes up a romance with an older woman Jenna Jones (Gabrielle Union), while they both work at the fashion magazine Darzine, which is owned by Jenna’s nemesis and Eric’s mother, Darcy Hale (Gina Torres).

One aspect of the film people are confused about is the age gap between the two lovers and how old Eric is. Below, we break it down, including how old the actors are.

Who is Eric in The Perfect Find?

Eric Combs is one of the main characters in the Netflix film The Perfect Find and is played by Keith Powers. He recently graduated with a master’s in film from the University of Southern California. He joined Darzine fashion magazine to get experience as a videographer and someone who falls in love with Jenna after kissing her at a party.

His mother, Darcy Hale, is the founder of and owns Darzine and desperately wants to protect her son at all costs after his father tragically died when Eric was younger.

How old is Eric in The Perfect Find?

Eric’s exact age isn’t specified in the film, but it’s said that he’s in his 20s. Here, because he’s graduated with his master’s degree, we can speculate that he’s no younger than 24. This is because the quickest someone can graduate with an undergraduate degree would be 22 years old, and a master’s degree takes two years to complete.

But it’s possible that Eric is super intelligent and so was able to skip a year or two somewhere along his education, and so might be slightly younger.

What is the age gap between the two love interests in The Perfect Find?

When Eric starts dating Jenna, it’s clear there is a bit of an age gap between them. But this isn’t as profound as it might seem, as Eric is in his 20s and Jenna is 40. Jenna would be over 18 years older than Eric at most, which isn’t as uncommon as people think. Both people involved are consenting adults, and the chemistry in the film sells the relationship.

Of course, in the movie, as it is happening at his mother’s company and she’s very protective of her son, Darcy takes steps to end the relationship, such as publicly firing Jenna from her job.

How old is Keith Powers in real life?

Keith Powers was born on August 22, 1992, making him 30, just coming up to 31. Gabrielle Union, who plays Jenna, is 50 years old and born on October 29, 1972.

Gabriella Union is married to Dwayne Wade, who is nine years younger than she is at 41. The pair have been happily married together since 2014.

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