Where is A.J. Hutto Now? Adrianna’s Half-Brother Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 17, 2023 (Last updated: July 27, 2023)
Where is A.J. Hutto Now - Adriannas Half-Brother Explained

Where is A.J. Hutto Now? We discuss the true crime story of the murder of Adrianna Hutto, which contains details that some readers will find disturbing. Reader discretion is advised.

At the heart of this terrible true crime story was the six-year-old A.J., half-brother to Adrianna, found floating in the family swimming pool.

A.J. was the witness to a horrific crime, his sister was found drowned in the family swimming pool, and the investigation into the event would lead to an arrest a month later.

Horrifically, it would be A.J.’s mother who would be arrested for the most terrible of crimes, and his testimony against his mother will never be forgotten by those that watched it. It is incomprehensible to think of the events that unfolded back in 2007, and when the facts are laid out, it becomes even more chilling.

This article takes a look at the situation and answers the question where is A.J. Hutto now?

What happened in the Murder of Adrianna Hutto?

The body of Adrianna Hutto was found floating in the swimming pool at her home and airlifted to a hospital, but attempts to revive her were unsuccessful, and the seven-year-old died.

The twenty-seven-year-old mother of the children, Amanda, would say that the children had been playing outside when AJ would return to the house to tell her that Adrianna was in the pool.

Amanda claims she did not understand what AJ meant, thinking the child was playing in the pool, so she did nothing until she wondered why they were taking so long outside. She claims that when she went outside she could see AJ trying to pull his half-sister from the pool.

She tried to administer CPR before calling 911. It was too late, and the young girl would die later that day. Investigators had no reason to think the situation was suspicious until AJ would confess what he had seen to his grandparents, who would call the police.

AJ would say that his mother had “dunked” his sister in the pool as a punishment for spraying glass cleaner in the house.

As the investigation was launched into Amanda, AJ’s testimony was often found to vary, leading some family members to question its validity.

Testimony from doctors at the hospital would say they found Amanda emotionally detached from the situation, including an instance when a doctor would ask her if she wanted to ask any questions about what had happened, and she asked where the vending machines were.

The whole case is a tangled web, and some people believe AJ was coached by someone else to tell the story of his mother “dunking” Adrianna into the pool. The trial of Amanda created a media frenzy.

Amanda would not accept a deal, pleading guilty to a reduced sentence, as she said she had done nothing to her daughter. AJ would take to the stand and, upon realizing his mother is in the court, would begin crying.

The four-day trial would result in two hours of deliberation by the jury who found Amanda guilty of first-degree murder. She was sentenced to life imprisonment without the chance of parole.

Where is Adrianna’s half-brother A.J. Hutto Now?

It is not known where A.J. currently is, and it is only fair to assume that his privacy has been maintained to avoid further distress and media speculation.

There are unofficial reports that A.J. was adopted, and we can only hope that he has managed to move on with some normal life after everything that happened.

Why was A.J. Hutto’s testimony important to the case?

The evidence given by the young boy, as the only witness, was the deciding factor in the imprisonment of Amanda. It should be noted that many people still believe this was a miscarriage of justice and that A.J. was too young to take the stand.

His testimony was often regarded as having many discrepancies, and it seems that the exact details of this terrible event may never really be known.

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