See You in My 19th Life Season 1 Episode 2 Recap – Who is Cho-won?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 24, 2023 (Last updated: June 26, 2023)
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See You in My 19th Life Season 1 Episode 2 Recap


The second episode settles into a nice rhythm, blending tones well while using its fantastic premise in the service of character and depth.

This recap of the 2023 Netflix K-Drama See You in My 19th Life Season 1 Episode 2 contains spoilers.

It might be a little too early to say that See You in My 19th Life is great. However, after the premiere, it’s undeniably very good.

What leaps out immediately is the performances. But this is too obvious. What really impresses here is the script, which navigates a potentially ridiculous fantastical premise with real aplomb.

This is a show that understands genre – switching between humorous and emotional – and character – showing how Ji-eum’s personality and talents have been informed by her various existences – as well as how to spin a good yarn. It’s too early to tell how the whole thing might shake out, but as of now, at least, it’s off to a very good start.

See You in My 19th Life Season 1 Episode 2 Recap

Anyway, Episode 2 picks up from where we left off, right after Ji-eum abruptly – and creepily, given the whole reincarnation thing – asking her potential new employer Seo-ah to date her.

It’s awkward, to say the least, and Seo-ah understandably doesn’t know how to take it. The justifications don’t hold much water. Ji-eum has to refocus on her objective. But there’s a concern in the meantime.

Who is Cho-won?

Cho-won was Ji-eum’s sister in her 18th life and has since developed feelings for Seo-ha. In other words, she’s the obligatory love rival.

Of course, Ji-eum has something of an advantage given her – admittedly one-sided – intimate knowledge of Seo-ha. When she sees him suffering a panic attack brought on by a busy road, which obviously stirs memories of the car crash that killed Ji-eum in her previous life, she offers to help him.

Ji-eum’s help involves running. This, apparently, is a technique she learned in her 10th life, during wartime, to deal with her own panic. Seo-ha suspects Ji-eum of being a pathological liar. When, out of the blue, she proposes, she explains that it’s a clue for him to be able to figure out where they met before.

Does Seo-ah hire Ji-eum?

Of course, this wouldn’t be a K-Drama if, after constant persistence, Seo-ah didn’t eventually hire Ji-eum.

While Seo-ah is reluctant to assign Ji-eum any meaningful tasks, he does ponder their relationship and tries to recall how they know one another. Finally, he surmises she was the little girl he came across during his high school, which isn’t half of it, but it’s certainly a start.

See You in My 19th Life Season 1 Episode 2 Ending Explained

We already knew that Seo-ha’s father didn’t want him controlling his late mother’s hotel, and it’s obvious this is going to be a longstanding dynamic throughout the season as he’s planning to imminently replace Seo-ah in the position.

However, the bond between our leads continues. At the end of Episode 2, Seo-ah calls Ji-eum and asks her to drive him somewhere. Eventually, she realizes it is the grave of her past self, and he emotionally mourns the loss, with no idea how close his love remains to him.

You can stream See You in My 19th Life Season 1 Episode 2 exclusively on Netflix.

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