Where is Ciera Blas Now? Con-Artist’s Whereabouts Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 27, 2023 (Last updated: July 3, 2023)
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Where is Ciera Blas Now

Where is Ciera Blas Now? We discuss discusses the con artist Danielle Miller and Hulu’s 2023 series The Age of Influence.

I don’t know any social media influencers.

I suppose I don’t move in those circles, but so far, I have yet to encounter anyone that considers themselves an influencer.

I had a quick look online to find the definition of an influencer, and it runs along the lines of a person or organization that has the power, or influence, to change people’s minds and decision-making process. They usually have a very healthy following on platforms such as Twitter or Instagram and are often linked to a product or service that they encourage their followers to use.

So who influences you?

Hulu has a whole new series that focuses on the influencer, and it seems that many of them have a dark side that very often leads to their downfall.

The Age of Influence sheds some light on some of the social media influencers that have been at the heart of all kinds of scandalous behavior, including Danielle Miller, who was notoriously one of the internet’s first viral sensations and became known as The Swiffer Girl.

Her story is full of twists and turns, and somewhere along the way, she would encounter Ciera Blas, and the two would embark on a spree that has become legendary in social media circles, but who is Ciera Blas? This article has some answers for you that you must read.

Who is Ciera Blas?

Ciera Blas was an inmate at Rikers Island prison after being imprisoned for a series of crimes, including fraud and identity theft. Blas, from New York, would be involved in a number of scams, including credit card fraud.

She would steal the cards, use them to buy expensive goods, and then sell them. She would, of course, also have an Instagram account that she would use to ask potential buyers what they were looking for, so she could acquire the goods and sell them.

Blas would also figure out how to steal people’s identities so she could take money from their bank accounts. In 2015, she would raise a few red flags while using a stolen credit card in a Bergdorf Goodman store in New York.

Ciera would be arrested and convicted for her crimes, and although she received parole, she would break the terms and wind up in jail. It was here she would meet Danielle Miller.

What did Ciera Blas do?

After meeting Danielle Miller in jail, the pair would strike up a distant relationship that would only flourish after they were released. A crime spree would lead the two scammers to Florida, where they would enter a Chase bank in Sarasota and attempt to use a fake ID to withdraw money.

However, an on-the-ball teller noticed some improprieties and called the cops. The two would again be arrested when the police found large amounts of cash, fake credit cards, and burner phones in their car.

Where is Ciera Blas now?

This is the big question, as it seems there is very little about the current whereabouts of the scammer. Ciera has always been good at hiding her tracks, and there is very little known about her, and she is managing to also keep her current location and legal situation under wraps.

Danielle is in jail in Florida and could be looking at a long-term for her criminal actions.

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