Where is Julia Merfeld Today? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 3, 2023
Where is Julia Merfeld Today

Where is Julia Merfeld Today in 2023? We discuss the fascinating and shocking true crime story involving the wife plotting the murder of her husband.

It appears that hiring a hitman to murder your partner can be a dangerous business that will always backfire on you.

In a case that is similar to the Dalia Dippolito incident, here is another cautionary tale that once again sees reality and Hollywood crime thriller fantasy blending together.

Julia Merfeld, a twenty-one-year-old at the time of the plot, planned to have her husband Jacob murdered so that she could cash in a four hundred thousand dollar insurance plan.

Julia planned to use fifty thousand dollars from the payout to cover the cost of the hitman.

This article will explore some of the details behind the shocking and bizarre case and answer the question, where is Julia Merfeld today in 2023?

What happened with Julia Merfeld?

Julia Merfeld would concoct a plan to have her husband killed in an attempt to benefit from an insurance plan. She would meet with who she thought was a hired killer to work on the best way to accomplish this, however, she did not know that this was a sting operation that had been arranged by the police after a work colleague tipped them off about her plan.

The meetings took place on April 9th and 10th, 2013, in the car belonging to the undercover police officer in a car park in Muskegon, Michigan.

In one section of the video evidence, Julia would state that having him killed would be “easier than divorcing him.” During the meeting, which was all recorded, Julia is seen casually making arrangements with the undercover policeman, who she thinks is a hitman.

The video shockingly shows the casual approach that Julia has to the plan, including arranging the dates and providing him with details. At one point, Julia states that by having him killed, she didn’t have to worry about “breaking his heart.”

She is seen handing over a hundred-dollar “deposit” to the officer in the car. The undercover cop would confirm that once the deal was made, there would be no going back on it, and they exchange a handshake.

She was arrested shortly after the second meeting.

Where is Julia Merfeld Today?

After her arrest and subsequent trial, Julia received a jail sentence and is reportedly being held at the Michigan DOC-Woman’s Huron Valley, MI Correctional Facility in Michigan, but there is no official confirmation that she is still incarcerated.

How long did Julia Merfeld get sentenced?

Julia was sentenced to between five years, eight months, and twenty years, subject to parole.

At the sentencing, her husband Jacob would make an appeal to the court to have leniency on Julia and added that she was a good mother who should be allowed to raise her children.

Has Julia Merfeld been released from jail?

It has been difficult to find any official confirmation of Julia’s current position, and we can only assume that she is still imprisoned and awaiting parole.

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