Where is Mike Dippolito Now? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 3, 2023 (Last updated: July 5, 2023)
Where is Mike Dippolito Now

Where is Mike Dippolito Now? We discuss the shocking true crime story of Mike and Dalia Dippolito, which contains disturbing details.

Mike Dippolito was the husband of Dalia Dippolito, a real estate worker and escort who would go on to be imprisoned for sixteen years for planning to have her husband murdered by a hitman.

The incredible story sounds like the plot of a Hollywood thriller, but bizarrely the affair would unfold under the watchful eye of the production team of the TV show COPS, that were on hand to film the events as they transpired. Dalia would get in touch with an ex and ask for help to find someone to murder her husband Mike.

The ex would go to the police with the story, and although initially skeptical, they followed up by having a meeting arranged to discuss her plan, but this time with the entire thing being secretly recorded.

The production team behind the TV show COPS was just by chance booked to film at Boynton Police Station, Florida when the events were unfolding, and they agreed to handle all the recording needs.

After Dalia was captured talking about hiring the assassin, the police department arranged for a police officer to go undercover as a hitman, and another recorded meeting was arranged.

When the deal was done, the team would then set up the “murder” of Mike, then call his wife, who was at the gym, and tell her to head home urgently, where they completed the sting, telling Dalia that Mike was dead.

The clip of Dalia receiving the news outside the couple’s home went viral. Dalia was then caught in a web of her own making, as back at the police station, it was revealed that she was the star of a sting operation.

Dalia would refute the claims, even though it was all on tape, and after a long time of house arrest and court appearances, she would eventually be jailed for sixteen years. However, after all the dust settled, there is still one question that interested viewers want to know, so here’s the answer to that question: Where is Mike Dippolito now?

Who is Mike Dippolito?

Mike was Dalia Dippolito’s ex-husband. They met while he was married to another woman, and Dalia was moonlighting as an escort. Mike was born in 1970 and had a somewhat rocky past too.

He had been convicted of stock fraud and spent a short time in prison.

He was on a long probation when he first encountered Dalia.

Where is Mike Dippolito Now?

Mike has been involved in real estate for the last fifteen years and has a company called MD United Realty Group.

He lives and works in Florida.

Did Mike get his house back from Dalia Dippolito?

Yes, after officially divorcing Dalia, the house was returned to Mike.

Who was Mike Dippolito’s first wife?

In 2007, Mike would marry his first wife Maria. The two had been dating for nearly a decade before he met Dalia.

Mike and Maria would divorce, and he would marry Dalia, and six months later, Dalia would plan to have him killed.

Has Mike Dippolito got a new wife?

It has been reported that Mike has met a new partner, Gloria, and the couple is currently engaged to be married.

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