Where is Dalia Dippolito Today? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 29, 2023 (Last updated: July 5, 2023)
Where is Dalia Dippolito Today

Where is Dalia Dippolito Today? We discuss the true-life crime case of Dalia Dippolito and explain her plan to murder her husband, Mike.

True crime documentaries, series, and podcasts continue to fascinate people, and with stories like the tale of Dalia Dippolito, it is easy to see why.

This incredible true crime incident would capture the imagination of everyone, with every major news network covering the story. The case involves a married couple, an astonishing police sting operation, and a murder plot that would shock the nation.

The story would break with a viral video that shows the police at a crime scene, telling Dalia that her husband had been murdered.

Dalia is seen breaking down, and the police try to console her. However, the whole scene is set up by the police force of Boynton Beach. The story behind the sting operation is straight out of a Hollywood thriller.

Want the low down on this story, then buckle up for three minutes as we explain where Dalia Dippolito is today.

Who is Dalia Dippolito, and what did she do?

Dalia was born in New York City in 1982 and arrived in Florida when she was thirteen. Her father was Egyptian, her mother was Peruvian, and she has two siblings. Dalia would get her real estate license but would also have a side hustle as an escort.

She would meet her future husband, Mike Dippolito, in 2008 through her work as an escort. He was married then, but it would not be long before Mike would file for divorce to marry Dalia.

Michael had previously fallen foul of the law, being involved in fraud and on probation, but was very successful, driving a Porsche and living in a luxury beach apartment.

After being stopped by the police, who found him in possession of cocaine, that he disputed was his, and other bizarre incidents, including an anonymous phone call to the police claiming he was dealing drugs, Mike would sign his assets over to Dalia, fearing he would lose everything if arrested again. However, it would be reported that the call had come from Dalia all along.

Things would reach a fever pitch when Dalia enlists the help of an ex-boyfriend to find an assassin to murder her husband. The ex would instead go to the police and inform them of this conversation.

Though doubtful about the story, they would investigate, and in another strange twist of fate, the TV show COPS was filming in the area and agreed that they could film everything for the police force sting. Hidden cameras in Dalia’s car would capture her meeting with an undercover police officer, posing as a killer and Dalia trying to hire him to murder her husband.

Dalia meets the fake hitman, who asks Dalia, “Are you sure you want to kill him?” Dalia replies, “There’s no changing. I’m determined already. I’m positive. I’m, like, 5,000 percent sure.”

This sound bite would go viral and was used extensively in the news coverage of the affair. Pretty damning, and it got worse, with Dalia allegedly handing over seven thousand dollars and arranging a cover story.

Dalia would go to the gym, as arranged, then receive a call from police officers to return home, where they would film the police crime scene and the officer telling her of the crime. It was all a setup. Michael was alive, and when Dalia would go to the police station, Michael would make his appearance. Dalia was charged with solicitation of first-degree murder.

Where is Dalia Dippolito Today?

In July 2017, Dalia was sentenced to sixteen years in jail for her crime. She is in Lowell Correctional Institution, Florida. In 2016, she was under house arrest and would give birth to a son.

Is Dalia Dippolito still in jail?

Yes, her prison release date is scheduled for 2032. Her lawyer, Greg Rosenfeld, continues to fight to have her released.

Who is Dalia Dippolito’s baby father?

The name of the father of Dalia’s son is Robert Davis. Davis has a criminal record that includes possession of drugs and aggravated battery. It is unclear how the two met, but Davis had stayed at Dalia’s home when she was under house arrest.

In court, Dalia’s mother would reveal the name of the baby’s father.

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