What happened to Ashley Lytton? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 4, 2023
What happened to Ashley Lytton

What happened to Ashley Lytton? We discuss a disturbing true crime story from the podcast Betrayal Season 2. Reader discretion is advised.

Season two of the true-crime podcast Betrayal is available, and once again, the series covers a nightmarish scenario and the people that are involved within it. Season two covers a horrific tale of double lives and abuse and explores the story behind Ashley Lytton and her partner Jason Andrew Lytton.

The successful podcast series from iHeartMedia and Glass Podcasts has managed to capture a large audience with its no holds barred approach to many serious and hard-hitting subjects.

The host of Betrayal, Andrea Gunning, returns for the second set of stories, and there has been talk of the first season becoming a docu-drama on a streaming platform.

With true crime documentaries still incredibly popular and with no signs of the genre slowing down, it seems that, unfortunately, the well that is constantly visited has plenty of stories left to mine.

This article will give you the information you require about season two of the podcast and will answer the question what happened to Ashley Lytton?

Who is Ashley Lytton?

Ashley Lytton was a wife and mother of 3 children in Utah. Ashley’s life was very recognizable as a normal mother in a seemingly perfect marriage.

Previously, Ashley had become single, raising two toddlers, and then she would meet Jason while working at a restaurant as a waitress.

However, after their marriage, Ashley would uncover a terrible secret about her husband that would change their lives forever.

What happened to Ashley Lytton?

Jason Andrew Lytton had phoned Ashley and asked her to help him open an online account for his business. He would give her the password to his laptop but would shortly try to cancel the request, leading Ashley to wonder why. Ashley would find a suspicious folder on his laptop, and she opened the file and found horrific images of child pornography.

Ashley would report him to the authorities, and the podcast covers the terrible fallout from the events, including Ashley realizing that her own daughter was involved in his horrific crimes.

Where is Ashley Lytton’s husband Jason Now?

Jason was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a minor. A warrant was granted, and all the evidence that the authorities needed was found on his laptop at the family home. Jason would plead guilty to the charges and receive a sentence of three hundred and twenty-nine days in jail.

He will be on supervised probation for forty-eight months, too, after release.

He is currently still in prison at the Salt Lake County Jail in South Salt Lake City, Utah.

Where is Ashley Lytton Now?

There is little information about Ashley’s current location, but you can listen to the podcast that features interviews with the mother and learn more about how she coped with the horrific events that unfolded in her family home.

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