Sonic Prime Season 3 only had seven episodes – can fans expect to see Episode 8?

By Louie Fecou
Published: January 12, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
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Will there be a Sonic Prime Season 3 Episode 8?
Sonic Prime | Image via Netflix

Sonic Prime Season 3 has brought the endlessly popular blue hedgehog’s run on Netflix to an end — but with only seven episodes rather than the usual eight. Despite reports suggesting a series order of twenty-four episodes, meaning three batches of eight, and early indications that Season 3 would include eight episodes as usual, it was Episode 7  of the final season that brought things to a close. So, where is Episode 8?

Sonic Prime Season 3 Episode 8 – Will it happen?

Despite previous seasons having eight episodes, Season 3 has concluded with Episode 7 and there will be no Episode 8.

Oddly, it was reported that there would be eight episodes for this run too, with original reports indicating that twenty-four episodes in total had been ordered, meaning each season would have eight episodes each. Sonic seems to have wrapped things up a little ahead of schedule, which is pretty on-brand.

How many episodes will Sonic Prime Season 3 be?

There will only be seven episodes in Sonic Prime Season 3. The episode entitled “From The Top” is the last in the current run of the show and brings the storyline to a conclusion, though it does leave some aspects open for further potential spin-offs.

Is Sonic Prime Season 3 the last in the season?

Yes, at the time of writing, there are no official plans for Sonic Prime Season 4. However, with a franchise as popular as Sonic, we do not doubt that there will be a reboot or relaunch of the show sometime in the future, especially given how popular Sonic Prime has been with fans of the franchise.

What did people think of Sonic Prime Season 3?

With a strong fan base, both children and adults, there have been generally positive reviews for the series. On IMDb, the show has a rating of 7.3/10, with many reviewers complementing it and its multiverse approach. As for Season 3 specifically, But Why Tho? were very positive about the final outing, saying:

Sonic Prime Season 3 brings its story to a satisfying conclusion thanks to fun action, well-executed animation, and solid growth from its lead character. With only a couple of stumbles, this season is a must-watch for anyone who come this far in the Blue Blur’s newest animated journey.

Over on Reddit’s r/SonictheHedgehog, fans have mostly enjoyed the final season, however some do feel that the “missing” final episode would have been useful to round out the storyline:

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