Sonic Prime Season 3 Ending Explained – How does Sonic Defeat Nine? Does Green Hill Return?

By Daniel Hart
Published: January 11, 2024 (Last updated: last month)
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Nine in Sonic Prime Season 3 Episode 7 - Recap
Character Nine in Sonic Prime Season 3 - Credit to Netflix


There’s plenty riding on the ending of Sonic Prime Season 3. While Sonic does stop Nine, the fate of the Shatterspace hangs by a thread. Episode 7, the final chapter of this Netflix Sonic series, sees the downfall of Nine, the foolishness of the Eggmen, and the surprise return of Green Hill. There’s plenty of talking points, so let’s dive in.

As the Season 3 finale begins, Sonic and Nine both fall near the Prism, which is now so weak that the entire Shatterspace is falling apart.

It’s just the two now, alone, fighting. Friends turned enemies, and at this point of the series, there’s no resolution between them. Of course, this changes in the finale of Season 3. Something has to give.

Does Sonic defeat “evil” Nine?

Sonic, trusting his judgment, continues to try to reason with Nine, however, it does not take long for Sonic’s friends and allies to appear, fully prepared to fight Nine.

Nine is surrounded and desperate. Sonic apologizes to Nine: he explains that he never meant to hurt him. Sonic iterates that he lost his home (Green Hill) and friends and suggests working it out. But everyone else has different ideas and starts shooting at Nine. At this moment, Sonic chooses to protect Nine, believing that his old friend will have a change of heart.

Sonic tells everyone that everything will be destroyed if they do not work together.

Nine admits that he pushed it too far, and without a great sacrifice, Shatterspace and their reality will be over. Sonic does not defeat Nine. Instead, Nine took his motives too far and defeated himself. Luckily, his friend Sonic was there to have his back.

Sonic’s Sacrifice for Shatterspace

Sonic volunteers to sacrifice himself and, in return, asks everyone else to leave Nine alone. Nine promises not to dabble in their realities.

Nine quickly puts a plan together to extract the rest of the prismatic energy out of Sonic and place it into the Prism so the Shatterspace will fall back into place.

Sonic’s energy is extracted and transferred to the Prism. The depleted Sonic is still alive, but he looks faint, and he’s slowly turning transparent. Nine warns everyone that Sonic will eventually wither from existence without energy.

The Eggmen turn on Sonic and Friends

The Eggmen are always foolish, and now that the war against Nine is over, they have no common ground with their allies. They turn from allies back to enemies and take ownership of the Prism. They plan to use the power themselves. But, as dumb as they always are, the Eggs argue amongst themselves about what to do with the Prism energy and start fighting each other.

While fighting, Nine uses the restored Prism to open a portal. Sonic and his friends throw the Eggmen through it.

The return of Green Hill

Sonic in Green Hill in Sonic Prime on Netflix

Sonic in Green Hill in Sonic Prime – Credit to Netflix

Nine believes he can bring back Green Hill. And so the gateways in Shatterspace reforms. Their realities return, including Green Hill. Nine quickly turns from villain to useful asset.

Sonic doesn’t believe he has enough energy to return, but his friends offer to help. An emotional Nine hugs Sonic. 

Does Sonic die?

The Pirates take Sonic a certain distance through Shatterspace, and then Shadow helps Sonic complete his journey back to Green Hill. Sonic is nearly out of existence, but he makes it. Being back at Green Hill restores Sonic’s energy, ensuring he does not die.

How does Sonic Prime Season 3 end?

When Sonic returns, Green Hill is stuck in time. Egghead tries to take the prism, but Sonic hugs him instead, confusing everyone. Sonic asks everyone to work as a team to stop Egghead from taking the prism.

Shadow then appears and disappears with the Prism. Eggman is flabbergasted. He was not expecting his plan to be so easily dismantled.

Life seems normal for Sonic and Green Hill, but then a new enemy arrives. Sonic and his friends must save the day again, but this is easily a conclusive ending to the Netflix Sonic series.

I’d like to know our readers’ thoughts on Sonic Prime Season 3 Episode 7 and the ending – comment below and get involved.

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