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July 27, 2022
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This article discusses the ending of the Netflix film Recurrence (also known as Pipa) and contains spoilers.

From our review: The third film in the trilogy, following Perdita (2018) and Intuition (2020), follows Pipa, now living a quiet life in the solitude of the countryside. After a young girl is killed, she finds herself once more dragged into a world of violence, murder, and corruption.

As Pipa makes her way home, Melino plays Alicia a visit. He’s looking for Tobias and the phone that has the incriminating footage on it. He is backed up by his two deputies, both of whom are armed. 

Pipa sneaks onto the property and finds Tobias, she asks for a headcount of the men. Three, Tobias says. 

When Alicia refuses to give up the phone or Tobias, the conversation between Melino and Alicia turns violent. Eventually, she points a shotgun at one of them, and Melino shoots her on the spot. 

He commands his deputies to hunt down Pipa and frame her for the murder. They split up, one stays behind at the house, and the others go looking for the phone. 

The deputy tasked with staying in the house taunts the dying Alicia — that is, until Pipa attacks him. After a fight, she eventually manages to kill him but not without taking a bullet in the process. Alicia and Pipa have an emotional farewell before Alicia takes her last breath. 

Pipa and Tobias head out in the car after Pipa watches the incriminating video that shows that Mecha killed Paco, her brother’s friend, before she and Cruz hid the body. Pipa and Tobias head for the border. 

Netflix film Recurrence ending explained

On the way, they encounter the police who are pursuing her for Alicia’s murder. After a short car chase, Pipa and Tobias arrive at an abandoned mine and she speaks to Rafino to tell him what is going on. 

Melino and the other police arrive at the abandoned mine, they head in after her, confident that with her injury she will make for easy prey, Pipa tells her son to run away, they hug, and he seems to leave. 

Melino catches sight of Pipa and opens fire, he catches her with a bullet. Meanwhile, one of the pursuing officers catches up with Tobias. Just as he is about to kill him, Rufino arrives on the scene and guns down the corrupt policeman. 

Melino is standing over Pipa, his gun pointed at her, and reveals that his involvement in all this is to protect his son, Cruz (gasp!). Just at that moment, Tobias appears holding a gun. He points it at Melino, but Pipa persuades him to put it down. Just as Melino bends over to pick it up, Pipa grabs the shotgun on the floor next to her and guns down the police commissioner. 

The film ends with Rufino giving evidence to the court on what happened, followed by a short montage and a closing shot of Pipa sitting with Tobias on a rock overlooking a sunset.

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