Celebrity Season 1 Episode 4 Recap – Why is Jun-kyung nicknamed “princess maker”?

By Jonathon Wilson
Published: June 30, 2023 (Last updated: July 2, 2023)
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Celebrity Season 1 Episode 4 Recap - Why is Jun-kyung nicknamed "princess maker"?


After a tedious episode, “#let’s_connect” leans more into the mystery-thriller vibes of Celebrity, to slightly improved effect.

This recap of the 2023 Netflix K-Drama Celebrity Season 1 Episode 4, “#let’s_connect”, contains spoilers.

This, I think, is the point when Celebrity starts to become more of a mystery series than an empty exploration of influencer culture.

That isn’t to say the quality or the pace radically improves here, because they don’t, but the vibes are a little different. A-ri, after embracing the lifestyle in Episode 3 and then making a mistake in its conclusion that in “#let’s_connect” proves more detrimental than she expected, begins to make questionable choices here, descending down a rabbit hole that leads to God-knows-where.

Celebrity Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

It does start with that catty post she made about the Gabin Society, though.

Of course, everyone from the society themselves to all their mutual followers knows who A-ri is talking about. But she made a crucial error in judgment.

Why does A-ri lose followers?

A-ri’s position thus far has always been that she’s above the influencer life and its facile values. Her post intimated as much, lambasting the Society for their need for attention.

However, she’s preaching to the choir. Her fans and followers are fans and followers of influencers in general, and attacking the lifestyle is tantamount to attacking them directly. A gambit that was intended to get A-ri over the hump and into the plus-10K follower range has the opposite effect, losing her thousands of followers. 

To be fair, the Gabin Society suffers too. They’re getting a ton of abuse and hemorrhaging followers. A-ri becomes public enemy number one, and they plot increasingly drastic short-term solutions to their problems.

Why is Jun-kyung nicknamed “princess maker”?

A-ri, who has found herself with a dedicated hate account, takes some drastic measures too. Chief among them is befriending the anonymous account _bbbfamous, who helps her regain her public standing and actually exceed the level she was at before.

Her “relationship” with Jun-kyung also progresses, though does remain unconventional. She drops the sexual harassment charge so he can’t keep trying to meet her at the police station — there’s a funny moment where he turns up and discovers that, as an abuse victim, she was able to send a written statement instead of delivering it in-person — and he follows her on social media.

A-ri is actually the only person he follows on social media, which obviously doesn’t go unnoticed by the Gabin Society.

Jun-kyung reveals at one point that he’s nicknamed “princess maker” for dating women “below his station”, which shouldn’t be a charming line, yet here we are. 

Rumours about A-ri and Jun-kyung begin circulating, much to the annoyance of the Gabin Society, and a very awkward evening with actress Yeon-woo leads to an outburst from Chae-hee that is one of the stand-out moments of the episode.

Celebrity Season 1 Episode 4 Ending Explained

“#let’s_connect” delivers the next big reveal of the season.

Not only are we trying to put together the pieces of A-ri’s apparent “death”, but according to the Gabin Society she deserved it because she killed someone — a man who did everything in his power for her.

“Oh, right, I did do that,” says A-ri in her present-day live stream. “I’m responsible for someone’s death.” The clear implication is that it’s Jun-kyung. But is it?

You can stream Celebrity Season 1 Episode 4, “#let’s_connect”, exclusively on Netflix.

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