Is Run Rabbit Run based on a true story? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: June 30, 2023 (Last updated: January 20, 2024)
Is Run Rabbit Run based on a true story - 2023 Netflix film

Is Run Rabbit Run based on a true story? We discuss the popular 2023 Netflix film and whether it’s based on real events. 

Following the artsy footsteps of high-brow horror shows such as The Babadook and Hereditary, we find the slow-burning psychological thriller Run Rabbit Run.

Director Daina Reid uses many tricks she has learned on shows like The Handmaid’s Tale to slowly allow the viewer to be submerged in the world of Run Rabbit Run.

It follows the story of a mother, Sarah, who works as a fertility doctor, and her strange daughter Mia, that find themselves the center of some supernatural possession, or perhaps it’s just a study of mental breakdown, or maybe it’s both, it is all a bit vague, but this is not anything new in the genre.

Unreliable narrators are a dime a dozen in horror, and Daina Reid leaves us wondering about what is happening.

However, the film has fans, and there has been some speculation about the story behind the movie. If you are reading this, you are one of them, so to save you a quick search, here’s a short, concise article that will answer the question is the 2023 Netflix horror Run Rabbit Run based on a true story?

What is Run Rabbit Run on Netflix about?

The 2023 Netflix horror has the mother and daughter relationship explored through the lens of a supernatural ghost story.

Young Mia starts behaving oddly, and her mother, Sarah, becomes more concerned about the strange incidents.

Mia seems to have memories of a past life, and there appears to be a past and present collision going on that threatens Sarah and Mia as the past starts to creep into their lives.

Is Run Rabbit Run based on a true story?

No, The film is a work of fiction. However, like all good scary movies, the premise may have been inspired by similar events that have happened in real life. The screenplay seems to draw on reported cases of kids saying strange things that have been interpreted by others as some form of reincarnation or possession.

Suppose you are a fan of the genre. In that case, you might think automatically about Audrey Rose, a classic story of possession based on a book by Frank de Felitta, a 1977 movie starring Anthony Hopkins and Marsha Mason.

The book was reputedly based on a true story; assuming that Run Rabbit Run is a true story is a straightforward, logical leap.

Is Run Rabbit Run based on books?

Australian writer Hannah Kent was behind the screenplay, and the talented wordsmith has two previous novels behind her. The fact that her two books were based on true stories may also lead people to conclude that Run Rabbit Run also had a real-life counterpart, but it doesn’t, and the film is fiction.

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