Unknown: The Lost Pyramid Review – an engaging race against the clock educational documentary

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: July 3, 2023 (Last updated: December 18, 2023)
2023 Netflix documentary film Unknown: The Lost Pyramid Review


An engaging race against the clock that will keep you engaged in the Egyptian lore.

We review the 2023 Netflix documentary film Unknown: The Lost Pyramid. This film is part of a series of films called Unknown. 

It’s hard to understand or fully grasp what happened centuries ago in Egypt, but it’s fascinating to see through what they find. Unknown: The Lost Pyramid is an educational movie made for television on Netflix that explores the findings of a pyramid in the desert sands of Saqqara.

It’s something to be seen, and the history shown through this short TV movie will make audiences want to learn more about other lost pyramids. The film shows the beautiful landscapes of the desert while digging deep into its rich history.

Unknown: The Lost Pyramid Review

The latest hotspot in Egyptian archeology is Saqqara. Two of the most famous Egyptologists, Zahi Hawass and Mostafa Waziri, seek to unearth ancient treasures for viewers.

Hawass hunts for the long-lost pyramid of a forgotten Egyptian king while his protege and rival, Wazirir, searches for an unlooted tomb in an ancient necropolis.

You have two extremely educated men racing against the clock to see who will make the bigger discovery, and that’s what sets it apart from other historical documentaries. These two men have known each other for years and have studied the mythology and history of Egypt.

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There is no better pairing to take audiences on this journey while trying to find important sitings.

It’s odd to say that there are still explorers and archaeologists in today’s generation because there are parts of the world that have already been found. We can question if there’s anything left, but ultimately everything has been uncovered.

It’s rediscovering important sites, monuments, and tombs that give those spaces new meaning and obviously newfound fame for whoever uncovers it.

Is Unknown: The Lost Pyramid good or bad?

Unknown: The Lost Pyramid is good because of the rivalry between the explorers. Even though they are on different journeys, the way it cuts between them makes this engaging. The race against the clock will have viewers locked in with them.

If you have never been to Egypt, this also has some beautiful cinematography to capture the scenic landscapes and the area surrounding their findings.

Is Unknown: The Lost Pyramid worth watching?

If you are a history buff and have always been fascinated by the pyramids in Egypt, then Unknown: The Lost Pyramid will be for you. It feels like an adventure similar to movies like Indiana Jones or even The Mummy, but instead of a white savior, you have two archaeologists who have studied the area and know ancient Egypt quite well.

The race against time to see who will find the better discovery first is what makes this worth the watch, and it is exactly what sets it apart from other Egyptian docu-series.

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