Was The Lost Pyramid of Huni ever found? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 25, 2023
Was The Lost Pyramid of Huni ever found

Was The Lost Pyramid of Huni ever found? We discuss the 2023 Netflix documentary Unknow:n The Lost Pyramid, which contains spoilers.

Netflix has always favorably looked at documentaries and true crime as a weapon in their arsenal to win over subscribers to their platform.

It’s probably just as well there is so much content in these genres, as the way things are going, it could be a while before we get any new material from the writers and actors that are currently on strike.

Under the umbrella title of Unknown, Netflix has found some interesting material that explores some of the lesser-known mysteries in the world, including the strange story of the lost pyramid of Huni.

Egyptologist Zahi Hawass has a dream of being the first to find the mysterious edifice, and along with a team of archaeologists, sets out on a quest to find the structure. Others have tried and failed, though, and it seems that the search for the Huni pyramid has taken on an almost mythical sense of wonder.

The Third Dynasty pyramid was built by King Huni, but where it is located is the mystery at the heart of this quest and this documentary. King Huni was an Egyptian King in the third dynasty and was ruler for a quarter of a century, but there is not a lot more information on him.

What he did seem to enjoy, though, was building, and one of his projects was the fabled pyramid at the center of this show.

Those who have searched for it feel that if found, it could offer up all kinds of information about the time period, including illuminating previously unknown knowledge; the trouble is, nobody can find it, or have they?

This article will answer the question: was The Lost Pyramid of Huni ever found?

Does the Pyramid of Huni exist?

It seems that despite the myths of the pyramid containing all manner of treasures and riches, it simply is not there, but that does not deter those who believe it may still be found.

Was The Lost Pyramid of Huni ever found?

Spoilers ahead, but no, it has never been found, and the consensus is that it may never have existed in the first place.

With King Huni being incredibly wealthy and associated with pyramids to the point where he is often cited as being the first ruler to introduce the concept of step pyramids, it is fair to assume that he would have a pyramid filled with his wealth and secrets.

The more that investigators discover, the more they have started to concede that the pyramid may never have existed or ever be found.

What does Netflix’s Unknown say about the Lost Pyramid of Huni?

Following Zahi Hawass through the documentary, we are given plenty of insights into the discoveries that he has made. His discovery of a huge structure in the previously unearthed area of desolate desert  Gisr el-Mudir, Saqqara, offered up the idea that this could have been at least related to the lost pyramid.

The show highlights the incredibly arduous and painstaking work required in this kind of dig and shows the workforce enduring all kinds of struggles in their search.

Zahi Hawass, the self-proclaimed Indiana Jones of Egypt, has passion and ambition for his work, and the show depicts him as driven.

The show finishes with the unveiling of a papyrus manuscript that features pages from the Book of the Dead, and Zahi believes that when he fully excavates the site, he will be remembered as the man who found the lost pyramid of Huni.

Today, the hunt continues.

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