Will there be a Dr. Romantic Season 4? Renewal Possibilities Explained

By Marc Miller
Published: July 5, 2023 (Last updated: December 20, 2023)
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Will there be a Dr. Romantic Season 4

We discuss whether there will be a Season 4 of the Disney+/SBS series Dr. Romantic and its renewed or canceled status. 

The SBS and Disney+ K-Drama series Dr. Romantic recently completed its third season. The K-Drama, beloved by fans and critics alike, has won numerous awards since its 2016 premiere, with high praise for its break-out star, Han Suk-kyu (The President’s Last Bang).

Dr. Romantic has won thirteen SBS Drama Awards out of twenty-one impressive nominations.

Season 3 ended on a high note and even a mini cliffhanger. First, fan favorites Chae Eun-jae and Seo Woo-jin have a coming-out party and will no longer keep their relationship hidden.

Also, how can we forget the return of Yoon Seo Jung, who we have not seen since Dr. Romantic’s freshman season, returning to Doldman Hospital for reasons that need to be clarified?

With characters taking steps in a positive direction in their personal lives and careers, and with the return of familiar characters, the question remains: Will Dr. Romantic explore these storylines in an additional fourth season?

Will there be a Season 4 of the Dr. Romantic – renewed or canceled status

As of this writing, there has been no decision on if Dr. Romantic will be given a fourth season.

However, according to a recent interview with writer and creator Kang Eun Kyung, a fourth season is a real possibility. According to the website K-Pop Post, Kyung said:

“Regarding Season 4, I have been receiving the same questions since Season 1. In fact, when season 1 ended, I didn’t know I would write Season 2. And I was only thinking about whether I could work on Season 3 when I finished Season 2. So now, I’m still thinking, ‘Is Season 4 really possible?’ Still, I’m very grateful that you would still be waiting for us again.”

While Dr. Romantic is not listed on the aggregated rating website Rotten Tomatoes, the series currently holds an impressive 8.3 rating on IMDb, with almost 3,500 verified fan reviews. Studios, over critic ratings or accolades, increasingly tout audience scores, and the Han Suk-kyu has plenty of fan approval.

According to Nielsen Korea, Dr. Romantic is shattering viewership records nationwide. Last year, it achieved an overall high average of 14.9 percent viewership, with a jaw-dropping 4.7 percent in the coveted twenty to forty-nine age demographic.

In June, the series’ ratings surpassed its overall average, reaching 16.8 percent viewership, only being beaten by Doctor Cha and The Real Has Come.

How can a show this popular not have a fourth season? According to Forbes, Korean dramas usually last one year because each series starts and finishes the main storyline with a resolution. However, recent shows like Dr. Romantic have bucked that trend.

Prediction: With Dr. Romantic’s continued popularity, returning character from the first season, and the cast openly stating in interviews they want to come back for an additional season, this Korean drama is all but certain to be given a clean bill of health for a fourth season.

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