The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Review – this cannibal comedy can’t keep up the pace

By Adam Lock
Published: July 5, 2023 (Last updated: July 10, 2023)
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2023 Prime Video series The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Review


The Horror of Dolores Roach starts as a likable, light horror comedy series, but it quickly descends into bizarre B-movie territory, cutting corners with its plotting while rushing towards an unsatisfying conclusion.

Here is our review of the 2023 Prime Video series The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1, which does not contain spoilers.

Prime Video’s latest horror series, The Horror of Dolores Roach, focuses on a murderous masseuse, which on paper sounds like a truly killer premise.

Throw in a little tongue-in-cheek, cannibalistic humor, and you have all the makings of a certified twisted, trashy hit. Or so it would seem.

The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 Review and Plot Summary

Based on the beloved fictional podcast series of the same name, created by Aaron Mark, this adaptation brings Dolores Roach’s sick story to life on the small screen for all to enjoy.

The murderous masseuse is played here by Justina Machado (Six Feet Under), and the actress really gives it her all as this unsuspecting serial killer.

The series starts with Dolores being released from prison after a troubling sixteen-year stint on the inside for possession with intent.

Returning to her old neighborhood, she finds that Washington Heights is nothing as she remembered it. The area has become gentrified beyond recognition, and her boyfriend, Dominic, is nowhere to be found.

With nowhere else to turn, Dolores enters the only shop she recognizes, Empanada Loca. This fast-food restaurant is now run by her old buddy Luis (Alejandro Hernandez), a pot-smoking, childish cook with his own dark past.

He welcomes her into his business and his home, giving Dolores the shelter and safety she requires.

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Dolores also needs the cash as well, though, and she quickly starts up her own massage business, having learned her trade while on the inside. She’s known as Magic Hands Dolores, and those silky hands are soon up to no good.

The landlord Gideon Pearlman (Marc Maron), gets a little handsy while demanding the rent, and she snaps his neck for good measure.

Panicked by her own killer strength, Dolores gets to work covering up this crime, preparing to dispose of the body pronto. But her deranged savior, Chef Luis, has other ideas.

The creep decides to cook the landlord and serve him up for the whole community as meat within his famous empanadas. Poor Dolores may have met her match with this psychotic new roommate.

Is The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 good or bad?

The Horror of Dolores Roach starts off well, building empathy for our titular star with her mounting circumstances. Justina Machado is great as the likable lead, bringing humility and wit to the role. And once the show lets its sinister humor flow, the series can be quite entertaining, leaning fully into its twisted comedy setup.

Unfortunately, the series runs out of steam by around the halfway mark and quickly falls apart after that, tumbling towards its forgettable finale. The plotting takes lazy shortcuts throughout, relying on ridiculous plot twists and irregular character motives to push the story forwards.

The killings can be quite over-the-top as well, mirroring B-movie horror flicks of the past. There’s gore in parts, yet this horror series has absolutely nothing scary to offer fans of the genre.

Is The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1 worth watching?

This series has its moments, and I imagine the vast majority of viewers that start this show will see it through to the end. As it does make for a quick, entertaining binge-watch, after all.

Yet the show’s early potential is squandered, ending with a rushed and unrewarding second half.

What did you think of the 2023 Prime Video series The Horror of Dolores Roach Season 1? Comment below.

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