Swagger Season 2 Episode 3 Recap – How does Jace react to Warrick’s accusations?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 7, 2023 (Last updated: March 19, 2024)
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Apple TV+ series Swagger Season 2 Episode 3 Recap


There is plenty of charm, and a welcomed playful side to Swagger in “RISE + FALL,” even with all the intense drama on display. Dr. Emory Lawson and Ike’s rivalry is a clear highlight from the episode, as the two adults go head-to-head in a high-stakes basketball game.

We recap the Apple TV+ series Swagger Season 2 Episode 3, “RISE + FALL,” which contains spoilers.

For four years straight, Crystal (Quvenzhané Wallis), Jace (Isaiah R. Hill), and some of his closest friends have all been living with the fear of eventually being arrested for what they did to Coach Joe Warrick (Al Mitchell).

The second season has brought this storyline back into the fold, and in “RISE + FALL,” the main players react to Krista’s terrifying news.

Swagger Season 2 Episode 3 Recap

The third installment also focuses on the character of Dr. Emory Lawson. Flashbacks paint a broader picture of Emory’s upbringing and his beliefs. In the present, he is congratulated on the Mustangs’ latest victory.

The team celebrates back in the locker room. Ike is applauded for his first win as coach. He makes a little speech thanking them all. Jace’s birthday party is then discussed.

The players are informed that they will be leaving for New York in the morning, setting off at 9 am sharp. They must act responsibly tonight.

After this alarming news, the players head out to greet their fans. In the parking lot, Jenna gifts her son some condoms (as you do) and Jace’s grandfather’s watch. She fears he’s growing up too fast but is proud of her son regardless.

The teens head to the first party of the night, hosted by Royale. There’s plenty of dancing and flirtation, but Crystal soon arrives to dampen the mood.

She tells Jace about Krista’s news story. Joe Warrick knows who beat him and is going to tell the world.

How does Jace react to Warrick’s accusations?

Jace’s first reaction is to deny and completely ignore the allegations. Crystal worries that all of their careers will be ruined by this news story. Jace wants to bury his head in the sand, though. He returns to his party, but panic is written all over his face.

After the birthday cake, they head to party number two at Amber’s parents’ swanky pad. Here, CJ gets rather drunk, and the other boys nearly get into a fight. Jace spends some precious time alone with Amber. They kiss, and she lives streams this make-out session to her countless followers.

Meanwhile, Emory and Ike play one another at an intense basketball game. To make things interesting, they formulate a wager.

Either Emory has to work without his tie on, or Ike has to wear one. The first game ends with Ike winning. They play again, and Emory wins the second match.

Who wins the game between Emory and Ike?

During the tiebreaker, they decide to change the rules. Ike wants Emory to stop calling him an interim coach. The competitive adults agree on the new terms. Emory claims a foul and ends up winning the third game. Ike accepts his defeat.

Back at the party, the gang head home. CJ vomits in the car before being dropped off at his father’s mansion. Then Jace decides to tell the others about Crystal’s bad news. They all begin to panic. Jace makes the same argument again if they say nothing and act as if nothing has happened, then they will be safe.

The next morning, Ike strides into work sporting his suit and tie combo. Emory is impressed that Ike kept up his end of the bargain. Further flashbacks reveal that Emory was taught by his father to only reward those that you respect. It would appear Emory now respects Ike somewhat.

Does Ike become the official head coach?

Emory tells Ike that he can see why the students like him. He has called the board, and Ike is now the official head coach. Ike thanks Emory but stresses that he never fouled him during last night’s game. I’ve quite enjoyed the tension between these two, hopefully, they continue to bond and banter with one another.

Swagger Season 2 Episode 3 Ending Explained

As the players board the bus for New York, Joe Warrick’s story drops online. The ex-coach decided to go with another outlet, bypassing Krista altogether. The players read the story on their phones in stunned silence. The headline reads: Joe Warrick alleges Swagger team attacked him. The video evidence is attached to this article.

Crystal reads the online comments about the story. Some people side with her, while the majority believe that her career is now over. Meanwhile, Ike asks Jace for the truth. Jace lies to his coach’s face and says the allegations are false. It looks like they plan on continuing this line of defense.

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