Seasons (2023) Review – a generic friends-to-lovers rom-com with great chemistry

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: July 10, 2023
2023 Netflix film Seasons Review


A generic friends-to-lovers rom-com with some great chemistry between the two leads.

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix film Seasons, which does not contain significant spoilers or plot twists.

When we think about the friends-to-lovers trope, it is probably the most grounded trope that exists. It’s more logical than exes to lovers or an enemy to lovers, but that doesn’t mean those tropes are bad. Sometimes people believe in different forms of love because it’s not so easily attainable, whereas friends-t0-lovers is more of a possibility.

Seasons is about these two platonic best friends who help each other out in the dating scene, only to find out that they feel weird seeing them with other people. The one thing this does show is that men tend to hide their feelings more because they fear rejection.

And women don’t act on anything unless it’s reciprocated, which makes for a pretty sad in-between that leads to a situation.

Seasons (2023) Review and Plot Summary

Seasons has a very generic plot, and it’s about two best friends who have gone through multiple failed relationships. They see the value in each other and help each other make a deal to take the risk to fall in love again and find their person, but they could very well end up with each other.

We have seen the friends-to-lovers trope in other films, and it’s a pretty comforting one to relate to. It’s very realistic that you could fall for your best friend because they’ve been there through all the bad.

The film begins with Charlie (Lovi Poe) playing guitar and performing and quickly goes into a voice-over of what her life is like with her friends. Charlie’s best friend Kurt (Carlo Aquino) had gotten a girlfriend, and that changed everything about their relationship. It’s hard having a guy best friend for that reason because their girlfriend will obviously become their best friend.

The platonic nature of their relationship doesn’t make sense because they spend so much time together, and boundaries are blurred. Charlie obsesses over her age because she’s 32, and she doesn’t know if she ever will meet the one for her.

By helping each other find dates through dating apps and the real world, Charlie pushes Kurt into a relationship resulting in her feeling weird about the entire situation without knowing why.

Is the 2023 movie Seasons good or bad?

Seasons is a fairly generic romantic comedy that doesn’t do much for the genre. Even though we’ve seen the trope many times, the chemistry between Charlie and Kurt is really special, so it’s hard to see what they go through in this film.

It is good if you want something lighthearted and romantic.

Is the 2023 movie Seasons worth watching?

If you are a sucker for a good friends-to-lovers storyline, then this is definitely for you. The chemistry between the lead characters and Easy Ferrer’s direction was strong enough to make this fun to watch.

The story gets better as it goes on, and you begin to understand how hard it is to maintain platonic relationships if it’s one-sided.

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