Your Christmas Or Mine 2 Ending Explained – Does James Propose?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: December 8, 2023 (Last updated: December 12, 2023)
Your Christmas Or Mine 2 Ending Explained
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From the beginning of Your Christmas or Mine 2, it was clear that James wanted to propose to Hayley and it was the best time to do it. Probably the most romantic too because it’s Christmas. This is what the film’s ending is building towards, however, a lot of the plot overall revolves around it because of the concept that switches the respective families’ accommodation and belongings.

The one thing James does that he probably shouldn’t have is leave his ring in his luggage. Of course, he wouldn’t have known that the luggage would be out of his hands and in Hayley’s so when she went to unpack, she found the ring. Now, she has an inkling that James will eventually propose. Out of pure excitement, Hayley tells her father who ends up telling everyone. She is preparing herself for that moment and practices what she would say to him. At one point, Hayley even loses the ring and thankfully someone found it for her. This all happens without James knowing that she has found the ring.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 Ending Explained

The families do get closer to each other and they bond over many things. Diane is the newcomer to the family and still holds her nose in the air. But after a while, that snobbish attitude crumbles and she opens up to all of them. While the fathers bond over the impending marriage, the women also enjoy some spa treatments and have some great days. They celebrate Christmas by dancing and drinking and just spending time with one another. It’s more the women that come together to make the family integration feel effortless and it was so nice to see.

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There’s not much that happens in this sequel because it relies on one communication to build up the entire film. With the constant switches and then being able to settle into the resort it’s just a matter of waiting for when James is going to propose to Hayley. It has some pacing issues and the script isn’t strong enough to rely on one miscommunication to carry it through, but the funny moments do work well and make this enjoyable to sit through.

Does James propose to Hayley?

After Hayley finds the ring she’s ecstatic and impatiently waits for James to propose to her. However, there’s a miscommunication that breaks Hayley’s heart and that of viewers. That’s why a miscommunication in a romcom can be damaging to the characters and the overall joy of the film. At one point Hayley’s father tells James that he knows he’s going to propose to his daughter and he gets super anxious about it. But what it foreshadows doesn’t make sense because the truth is worse than the proposal.

While Hayley is on cloud nine Diane ends up telling her that James will be attending the American College of Film in Los Angeles after graduation. At this point why would he keep that a secret and arrange for her entire family to go to the Alps? Why withhold this information from your girlfriend? When she does confront him instead of an engagement ring James gives her a key ring and proposes to her as if it’s a promise ring. She realizes that the ring and the luggage didn’t belong to James, but to his father who had planned to give it to James’s mother.

Hayley makes a quick decision and wants to leave. She is grateful that James wants her to move in with him, but she has her heart set on the marriage. James’s family gets to the airport in time to stop them and his father gives him the ring. He says that he was going to give it to his mother but that James should propose to Hayley with it. As time passes, Hayley does the progressive thing and gives James a card and asks him to marry her. James then takes out the ring from his father and proposes to Hayley.

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