Your Christmas or Mine 3: They May As Well Do A Trilogy

By Louie Fecou
Published: December 12, 2023 (Last updated: January 26, 2024)
Will there be a Your Christmas or Mine 3?
Your Christmas or Mine 2 | Image via Prime Video

Your Christmas or Mine? was so successful when it dropped in 2022 that a sequel was released just in time for the holidays in 2023. Directed by Jim O’Hanlon, and written by Tom Parry, Your Christmas or Mine 2 stars Daniel Mays, Angela Griffin, Asa Butterfield, and Cora Kirk, and follows a young couple, James and Hayley, who decide to surprise each other at Christmas only to have to accidentally experience Christmas with each other’s families. With the sequel arriving like clockwork and providing more of the same, it seems like Your Christmas or Mine 3 is almost an inevitability at this point, and a trilogy for the festive comedy series seems like a logical step. But will it happen?

Will there be a Your Christmas or Mine 3?

At the time of writing there has been no official confirmation of a third movie in the series, but don’t despair, as it may be a case of the production team waiting to see how well the first sequel does before green-lighting another.

To be fair, a romantic comedy rarely gets a sequel, never mind two, but the film does leave scope for more stories, and in a recent interview with Radio Times, actor Cora Kirk said, “We would love the ensemble to come together for a third and final time.” It certainly looks as if the cast, who did return willingly for the second film, were having a great time on the shoot, so we can easily imagine a third outing for this property.

The return of the original director and writer also suggests that getting the same crew back for one more film would also be a viable proposition.

Have there been other Christmas movie trilogies?

Surprisingly there have been a couple of Christmas movie trilogies that you may not be aware of.

The Princess Switch from 2018 became a trilogy, as did 2017’s A Christmas Prince, so it’s not far-fetched to imagine that Your Christmas or Mine could also become the subject of a somewhat rare tradition of Christmas romantic trilogies.

How did Your Christmas or Mine 2 end?

After a series of mix-ups that you will only have come to expect in this kind of film, we finally get to see James proposing to Hayley again, and this time she accepts. James’s father offers up the ring that he was going to use for Diane and this was James’s mother’s ring.

We broke the ending down in some depth in our detailed ending explained article, in which we said the following:

There’s not much that happens in this sequel because it relies on one communication to build up the entire film. With the constant switches and then being able to settle into the resort it’s just a matter of waiting for when James is going to propose to Hayley. It has some pacing issues and the script isn’t strong enough to rely on one miscommunication to carry it through, but the funny moments do work well and make this enjoyable to sit through.

What could Your Christmas or Mine 3 be about?

We do not doubt that the third film would focus on the wedding of James and Hayley, and no doubt there would be all manner of mix-ups probably involving a series of terrible mistakes involving wedding venues and churches.

With two films under their belt, it would be great to catch up with the characters from the previous two films and see what they have been doing in preparation for the wedding. We are of course only speculating about a third film, as nothing has been announced yet, but if the writer and director of the previous two films were to return to the property, we are sure there would be a satisfying conclusion for the story.

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