Your Christmas or Mine? review – a cute little Christmas rom-com

By Ricky Valero
Published: December 2, 2022 (Last updated: January 30, 2024)


Your Christmas or Mine? is one of the biggest surprises of the holiday season, as it’s the perfect little Christmas movie.

We review the Prime Video film Your Christmas or Mine? which does not contain spoilers.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every streaming platform we go (to). Look, I tried to be punny, but it didn’t work, but you get to read it. That said, Prime Video is getting us in the holiday spirit by releasing their new movie, Your Christmas or Mine? Is the film better than my puns? Let’s dive in.

The film begins with us meeting Hayley (Cora Kirk) and James (Asa Butterfield) on their way to the train station to head to their respective family Christmas gatherings. The young puppy love between the two makes them wish they were spending this holiday together, but each parent wouldn’t love that. While attempting to board the train, James realizes that he should be going with Hayley for Christmas. Then Hayley realizes the same thing while on the train, Hayley has the same idea. So they swap trains without each other knowing.

After a phone conversation, Hayley and James realize they made it to each other’s family’s house for the holidays. They tell each other to keep their relationship a secret. Shortly after, they announce to each family that they are running late because of the train. After that, they start getting acquainted with their significant other’s family. Hayley’s family is a bit spunky and loud, while Jame’s family is a bit more reserved because we find out that his father is a Lord.

I wasn’t expecting much from this film, as the premise and the trailer looked overly cheesy. However, the movie was 100% cheesy and was my kind of cheese. Nevertheless, it’s quite a cute story that is a slightly refreshing take on a Christmas rom-com. The story is simple yet filled with a few layers that entice you to invest in our characters. The writing is genuinely tremendous here because there are several twists that I did NOT see coming.

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If this is your introduction to Asa Butterfield, I would highly recommend checking out his incredible work as Otis on the Netflix series Sex Education. Being familiar with Butterfield’s work, I was excited to see him in the movie. Butterfield brings his charm, but what stands out is when we find out about a specific twist, the switch is flipped, and he has one scene that shows some of that incredible range we’ve seen from him on Sex Education. Butterfield has a bright future ahead of him.

That said, Butterfield’s counterpart Cora Kirk who played Hayley, stole my heart throughout this movie. Thus being my introduction to her work, I was rather blown away by her ability to have so much spunk infused her work that made Hayley easy to love. You can’t help but love the rest of the ensemble cast. Each plays a part in making this quite an enjoyable movie.

Overall, as I said earlier, there are times when cheese is not good in movies, but Your Christmas or Mine? is the perfectly sliced cheese that I loved quite a bit. When you are navigating for a Christmas movie to watch this holiday season, make sure that this movie is added to that list.

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