Your Christmas or Mine 2 Review – A charming sequel with two families coming together

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: December 8, 2023 (Last updated: December 12, 2023)
Your Christmas or Mine 2 Review
Your Christmas or Mine 2 | Image via Prime Video


A very charming sequel with fun moments between two families who could not be more different.

When it comes to Holiday favorites, only some films get a sequel or even a franchise. Surprisingly, Your Christmas or Mine was popular enough to get a sequel. The first film was about a couple who are young and in love. Hayley (Cora Kink) and James (Asa Butterfield) want to surprise each other over the Christmas holiday and they end up swapping trains. In true fantasy romance fashion, the switch of the trains also has a body switch for Christmas. Hayley goes to James’ parents for the holidays and James goes to Hayley’s. All the family drama and secrets come to the surface and they get to know more than they bargained for. Your Christmas or Mine 2 comes just a year later with another concept that brings the lovers together for their own Christmas.

The sequel is now streaming on Prime Video and it’s nice to see Asa Butterfield in another romance post-Sex Education. The reason why many loved the first installment is because of the cheeky festive nature. The fun banter returns with even more family drama and of course romance. After spending Christmas with each other’s families, they thought it was time to bring everyone together this Christmas. And this ultimately puts pressure on James to deliver a magical holiday.

Your Christmas or Mine 2 review and plot summary

The Holidays are nothing without bringing families together and James’s family invites Hayley’s for Christmas. They want to go to a resort in the Alps and try to start making memories together as a family. The main issue for both sides is the class divide and we see that when James has a different lifestyle because of his family.

The stark differences begin right when they arrive as Hayley’s family stays in a motel, while James’s family is in this gorgeous resort. For some reason, their bookings are exchanged and Hayley’s family stays at the gorgeous resort while James’s family is in the motel. Naturally, James’s family can’t seem to tough it out for a bit and complain the entire time. Within minutes James’s family makes arrangements at the resort and they all end up staying in one spot. The families then find out that even their luggage has been switched and they have to wear each other’s clothes. Both families have different styles so this switch-up moment was humorous.

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Director Jim O’Hanlon delivered the laughs and made these moments feel realistic even though it would probably never happen. They kept the consistency of the switch from the first one and instead of trading places they had their belongings (materialistic things) challenge their differences. While both families are trying to navigate these changes, audiences can see the difference in mentalities and realize that James and Hayley aren’t like their parents.

Is Your Christmas or Mine 2 worth watching? 

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit then this is a cute festive film with a great meaning. People must realize that kindness goes a long way during the Holiday season and it doesn’t matter where people come from. Their background shouldn’t matter nor their financial situation. People live the way they want to live and the Holidays are here to bring everyone together to celebrate.

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Your Christmas or Mine 2 is a sweet film that is centered on young love and the struggle to integrate two families that normally wouldn’t work well together because of their mentalities. Having them switch materialistic belongings or showing that Hayley’s family can roll with the punches especially when it comes to the upper class works well to show that it doesn’t matter where you come from.

It’s interesting to see how the upper class is shown in this film because it can be over the top sometimes, but in this case, it’s subtle and effective. Both families come together for the good of their children and they see that there is a future there. The film shows that bonding can make any group of people come together because they’ll at least find one thing in common. It’s a heartwarming film with lots of laughs to bring that Holiday cheer.

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