Is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire? Explained

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 11, 2023
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Is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire

Is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire? We discuss the popular Netflix series and confirm whether they are connected.

Has anyone noticed there is a lot of steamy content available on Netflix?

South African erotic drama Fatal Seduction is a seven-episode series that seems to fall into the “steamy” category with its plot and tone. The show starts with bad language and scenes of soft pornography before the credits have even rolled.

Of course, there is also a crime at the center of the story, and after the title card appears, we flashback to four weeks as the story starts to unfold.

Nandi is starting to doubt her marriage and is taken away on a girl’s weekend with bestie Brenda. While on their beach spa getaway, they encounter the enigmatic and handsome Jacob, but events start to spiral out of control as their affair threatens their lives, family, and friends.

However, fans of this kind of melodrama have noticed that Fatal Seduction isn’t just following the tropes of the genre but seems to be downright copying an already existing property.

So what is going on with the show?

We have had a quick look at it and will answer the question is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire?

What is Fatal Seduction and Dark Desire about?

We have already covered the plot of Fatal Seduction, so let’s check out Dark Desire too. Actually, there’s not too much we can say here, as the plot is pretty much the same. Dark Desire has Alma instead of Nandi, but the story plays out pretty much the same way.

The location has changed, but the beats are very similar, and viewers have taken to social media to express their disappointment when they started to watch Fatal Seduction.

Many viewers have said that after watching the opening episode, they realized that the story is exactly the same as Dark Desire, so what exactly is going on here?

Is Fatal Seduction the same as Dark Desire?

Yes, the story is the same, a lot of the characters’ names are the same, and things certainly seem to play out in the same way on both shows.

Is Fatal Seduction and Dark Desire based on a book?

Well, Fatal Seduction is definitely based on Dark Desire, but Dark Desire is not based on a book and was created by Leticia Lopez Margalli, a writer known for other projects such as Two Is a Family and Instructions not Included.

If we have a look at Dark Desire, we can see that when the first season of the steamy show was released, it was a huge success. Reports indicate that the show was the most watched non-English speaking release on Netflix, with an incredible thirty-five million viewers in twenty-eight days.

The show was green-lit for a second season, which appeared in 2022, shortly after the numbers came in for its first run. It seems that Fatal Seduction is a remake of the show, made in South Africa, and we wonder if they hoped to find similar audience numbers as its Mexican counterpart.

You can understand the logic, but it seems that remaking a show so quickly after its release has left many viewers feeling a little cheated, and that may affect the show’s future.

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