Sonic Prime Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

By Daniel Hart
Published: July 13, 2023 (Last updated: December 14, 2023)
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Netflix animated series Sonic Prime Season 2 Episode 8 Recap and Ending Explained

We recap the Netflix animated series Sonic Prime Season 2 Episode 8 and explain the Ending. Warning, major spoilers ahead.

The Eggforcers continue on their path to stop Nine’s plans while Sonic (voiced by Deven Mack) is getting impatient for the final battle. Shadow (voiced by Ian Hanlin) is still not trusting Nine (voiced by Ashleigh Ball) with the Prism Shards.

However, Sonic has better ideas; battle the Chaos Council and buy more time. The Sonic Prime Season 2 finale does not disappoint. 

Sonic Prime Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Sonic and Shadow fight through the Eggforcers with ease. Doctor Eggman is surprised to see Sonic and Shadow battling them, so he powers up his army to help the cause in fighting both of them. Dr. Don’t tries to deal with Shadow himself.

Does the Paradox Prism bring back the Green Hill reality?

As Sonic buys time, Nine reassembles the Paradox Prism. It causes a blast throughout the land, and reality is restored briefly before turning into a ghost land again. Nine tells Sonic that they need more time to figure out the Prism. Bringing back Green Hill feels possible now.

Feeling extra motivated that their plan is working, Sonic doubles his efforts on the Chaos Council and brings down one of their ships. Shadow once again joins the battle. Doctor Eggman boosts Mr. Babble and Dr. Deep with energy to try and stop Sonic and Shadow.

Nine is in trouble. The Chaos Council have figured out their plans, and the Eggforcers breach the temple to stop Nine. Shadow stays behind to battle while Sonic heads to the mountain.

Why does Sonic want energy from the Shards?

Sonic manages to make it to Nine and helps bring the Eggforcers down. Sonic asks Nine for a boost from the Shard energy to help with the final battle. Nine is hesitant, but they have no other option. Sonic now has more speed than ever and can defeat enemies with ease. He then helps Shadow defeat Mr. Babble and Dr. Deep.

Sonic Prime Season 2 Ending Explained

What is the Prismatic Titan, and how does Sonic defeat it?

Doctor Eggman initiates one more play in the finale, bringing in one of his creations. A Prismatic Titan that looks like a Giant Doctor Eggman. The Titan heads to the temple, smashing everything in its way. Sonic asks Nine for help again. Nine gives Sonic more Shard energy to help defeat the Titan.

Supercharged, Sonic is now more powerful. As the Titan gathers power, Sonic charges right at it and brings it down.

What is Nine’s ultimate plan?

The Prism needs one more Shard. However, Nine reveals that the plan isn’t to bring back Green Hill but to make a better world. Sonic is dismayed as Nine reveals his true plans.

A frustrated and angry Nine leaves through a portal with the Shards, leaving Sonic behind. Shadow was right; Nine cannot be trusted.

Where does this leave the series? Well, Netflix will either add episodes to Season 2, or we will painfully have to wait for Season 3.

What did you think of Netflix’s Sonic Prime Season 2 Episode 8 and the Ending? Comment below.

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