Love Tactics 2 Ending Explained – do Asli and Kerem end up together?

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: July 14, 2023 (Last updated: July 19, 2023)
2023 Netflix film Love Tactics 2 Ending Explained

We discuss the ending of the 2023 Netflix film Love Tactics 2, which will contain significant spoilers.

Throughout Love Tactics 2, Kerem and Asli are put to the test. Asli is adamant about how marriage isn’t worth it until her best friend is prepared to walk down the aisle.

It’s interesting to see how one thing can change your whole perspective on life and what you want. Relationships are tested because Asli doesn’t know what she wants, or even she may be too scared to take the leap with Kerem. That’s the bottom line here.

She is condescending towards her friends and her best friend, who is getting married, because of her own insecurities. She wants that freedom to be herself and do what she wants, but she also wants that romance and security.

It’s a tough decision to make, but it’s important not to make that kind of decision based on what someone else is doing. Asli ends up manipulating Kerem to propose to her because she enjoys the game more so than the end result. At least, that’s what it feels like.

Asli gets to the point where she’s trying to convince her friend Cansu not to get married or, at least, not to have this big wedding because she feels it isn’t worth it.

In the end, everyone wants something different, and if it makes them happy, then no one should judge them.

Love Tactics 2 Ending Explained

Do Asli and Kerem end up together?

Asli and Kerem do end up together at the end of Love Tactics 2, but there are plenty of ups and downs along the way.

When old friends visit for Cansu’s wedding, things begin to shift among the dynamic of all the friends. There is one childhood friend of Asli’s who’s very attractive and is very close to her. He is playful and fun without having any concrete boundaries in their relationship. Asli and Bulut have known each other for years, and it was interesting to see how Kerem approached their friendship.

After things went smoothly, Kerem did propose to Asli after understanding where she was coming from. She even discussed that Bulut had a job proposal for her that would change her career in the best way. Considering what had happened at the beginning of the film and the manipulation tactics used to push Asli into being an obedient wife, she didn’t believe that his proposal came with pure intentions.

After Kerem proposed, Asli questioned if he just did it to keep her with him instead of moving to Dubai for a couple of months for her new job. Kerem had to prove himself and told her that he did genuinely love her and that he wants to be with her no matter what.

The ending of Love Tactics 2 is quite charming because of how Asli changes her tune. She understands what a relationship is now and how to love someone. She still keeps the position in Dubai, and Kerem does go to visit her. They do get married (privately) on the beach with all of their friends present. Each couple has had their ups and downs throughout the film, but that’s a part of life.

Emil and Feride recovered from the marriage problems and are waiting for their baby. Tuna and Cansu are happily married, and now Asli and Kerem can have all the fun that they want as newlyweds. It’s nice to see all the couples come together to help each other through tough moments in their lives to have a happy ending.

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