Love Tactics 2 Review – an entertaining rom-com with concerning tactics to keep you invested

By Amanda Guarragi
Published: July 14, 2023 (Last updated: July 24, 2023)
2023 Netflix film Love Tactics 2 Review


A very entertaining rom-com with manipulation tactics that end up teaching the characters how to be honest with each other.

Here is our review of the 2023 Netflix film Love Tactics 2, which does not contain significant spoilers.

In the sequel to Love Tactics, we see a different side of Asli (Demet Özdemir). In the first film, we are introduced to Asli and Kaerem (Sukru Ozyildiz), one is an ad executive, and the other a fashion designer-blogger, and they both don’t believe in love. So they place a bet to make the other fall head over heels — with unusual tactics.

This first film feels similar to the concept in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days because of the tactics used to fall in love with the other. Love Tactics 2 switches gears in the manipulation department and challenges both Kerem and Asli.

Love Tactics 2 Review and Plot Summary

Asli and Kerem are back, but they’re in a very odd situation themselves. Asli thinks marriage is a scam and is very open about it as she is helping her friend try on a wedding dress at the opening of the film.

She’s vocal about the treatment of single people and how there are only two options in life. She doesn’t want to either live with eleven cats in her apartment, die an old maid, or get married to conform to society.

She goes on and on to Kerem about how she still wants to do whatever she wants, but once she sees that wedding gown on someone else, she manipulates him into proposing to her.

This does show the lengths women will go to get what they want, but it does seem a bit far-fetched when it comes to holding a relationship.

In lieu of the title being Love Tactics, the manipulation tactics used to coerce Kerem into marriage are questionable. Asli is a complex character with a fierceness to get anything and everything, but at the same time, she’s unrelatable because of what she does.

Kerem and Asli are both playful, and they have great chemistry. Kerem also challenges her because he knows that the ideal wife is not someone she wants to be. He plans to push her limits by asking her to make coffee for him and his friends and other demanding tasks that she normally wouldn’t do.

She’s too on the ball, and that scares Kerem too. It’s interesting to see them plotting against each other. Kerem can’t believe how attentive she’s become overnight, and it has changed his perspective on how to treat her.

Ultimately, this explores womanhood in a unique way. Women are able to adapt to any situation and can change who they are if they want to.

They are constantly learning new things and can read people very well. Asli is such a strong character that works with and against Kerem. It’s an entertaining film because of how far they push each other.

Is Love Tactics 2 good or bad?

If you enjoyed the first film, then this sequel is just as fun, if not better. The chemistry alone between Asli and Kerem is what makes this so good. There are many characters involved that change the dynamic between the group of friends as they carry out this plan.

The whole cast works together well and it has plenty to say about relationships. They are all in the area for their friend’s wedding, and past history bubbles up between them. What they learn is that good friends teach each other valuable lessons and help each other when they need it most.

Is Love Tactics 2 worth watching?

Love Tactics 2 is definitely worth the watch because of what is said about friendships and relationships. Everyone is on their own path and gets defensive when they are trying to hide certain issues. In the end, friendship wins, and it’s beautiful to see.

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