Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Filming Locations and Detailed Review

By Louie Fecou
Published: July 15, 2023 (Last updated: March 27, 2024)
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Where was the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 filmed – a breakdown of filming locations and review
Promotional Image for Too Hot to Handle Season 5 Courtesy of Netflix

To be a contestant on a show such as Too Hot to Handle, you must be of a certain mindset, confident in your abilities, of sound mind (and usually body), and made aware of the consequences that can arise due to your appearance on the show. Too Hot to Handle Season 5 has plenty of drama, but with the horny contestants enjoying the sun, viewers are intrigued by filming locations and where the reality series is filmed. We looked into the production of the fifth season and provided an overall review.

Where was the Too Hot to Handle Season 5 filmed – a breakdown of filming locations

A Boat

Yes, there is a twist that is revealed in the trailer for season five of the show, as the duped contestants of this series suddenly realize that the wild sex-infused televisual degradation party on a floating love palace that they signed up for is actually an exercise is an abstinence. They have to make sure that no hanky-panky occurs.

Yes, there’s no sexy time allowed on this love boat, turning the expectations of the players upside down.

If trouble occurs, nobody’s going down on this ship.

What can go wrong remains to be seen, but the real question is, where is that boat located?

The Caribbean 

With the show opening on a yacht in a beautiful blue sea, it was important to find a location that would be visually interesting for the show, so these lucky hotheads have found themselves in international waters in The Caribbean.

Initially, they think they are on a show called Love Overboard, on a sexy tour of the Caribbean islands, but they are not, and the reveal that the rule is no sex causes the usual histrionics from the assembled cast.

Don’t worry, though; they all make it to dry land eventually.

The Island

It is not officially confirmed what beautiful paradise the cast of this series has found themselves in, but they are so sexually deprived at this point they don’t care. However, the role of the land-based location for this series looks fantastic.

Elys Hutchinson from Too Hot to Handle Season 5 – Image Courtesy of Netflix

Too Hot To Handle Season 5 Review

Francesca Farago, Chloe Veitch, Georgia Hassarati, and Kayla Richart became household names when we met them in paradise in their respective seasons of the Netflix series Too Hot To Handle. The streamer is back with the fifth season of the popular series that puts some new singles to the test.

Too Hot to Handle follows singles from across the globe who meet on a beautiful island and have the time of their lives. However, Lana, our favorite AI, enters the fray, challenging the contestants to stay celibate for a chance at winning $100,000.

The setup for Season 5 is the cast thinks they are on a show called Love Overboard. Of course, the build was similar to the other four seasons, with us meeting the singles, followed by them mixing and mingling and doing crazy things until the timer ran down for them to find out that they were really on Too Hot To Handle.

Honestly, Dre might have had the single greatest reaction in the show’s history. When Lana announces the rules, including no sex, he has tears running down his face, saying, “I signed up for sex on a boat.” Things drastically change when he hears a 200 thousand dollar prize as he says the only thing more important than sex is money. This entire moment was hilarious. His arc doesn’t stop here as he becomes Detective Dre, who will ensure nobody breaks the rules (he isn’t a good detective).

For the first time in the show’s history, we had the most brilliant pact ever made on this show, with Louis and Isaac deciding to join forces to convince the girls they are with (Courtney and Hannah) to break the rules together at the same time to take the heat off each other. Of course, the plan backfires in their faces, but it doesn’t matter because this was reality TV at its finest.

Although he might be a rule breaker, Louis is hands down the best thing that’s ever happened to this show. Time after time, he told many different ladies things and never followed through. One minute Louis is kissing Hannah, the next, Christine, and at night back in bed with Hannah, which was hilarious. His personality and talking to the camera about how much trouble he knew he was about to get in was beautiful. Give this man his own show.

Whoever writes Desiree’s (she’s a comedian and might write them herself) jokes deserves a raise because her quit-witted one-liners make you laugh out loud so many times. The slight zingers any time a contestant says something off the wall or dumb are perfect. Furthermore, Desiree Burch’s delivery of the lines is top-notch. I love it.

You know what you are going to get out of Too Hot To Handle. You have good-looking singles from across the world that will break the rules even though it will cost them money while saying and doing dumb stuff. This isn’t groundbreaking television, but it’s damn good reality TV.

If you are a fan of Too Hot To Handle or reality TV in general, you should check out the series. You might be concerned with it being on its fifth season, but if you’ve never seen the show before, you can easily watch this season without missing a beat and binge-watch the remaining four seasons after you are done.

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