Who is Carsten Bergersen from Love Island USA Season 5?

July 18, 2023
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Who is Carsten Bergersen from Love Island USA Season 5

Who is Carsten Bergersen from Love Island USA Season 5? We discuss a dating competitor from the popular reality series. 

The popular reality TV series Love Island USA, based on the UK series of the same name, is returning for its fifth season on CBS/Peacock. The contestants will be thrust into the beautiful island of Fiji to see if they can find love.

Love Island follows contestants who couple up and compete in games and challenges. During their stay, drama, and temptation ensue, causing friction that might cause the singles to rethink who they are “coupled” with.

The contestant’s fate is in the hands of the viewers, who vote for who stays and who goes. At the show’s end, one couple walks away with a cash prize.

Casten Bergersen is one of the contestants in the upcoming season of Love Island USA.

Below we share all the details surrounding Bergersen, including where they are from, what they do for work, and where you can follow them on this journey on social media.

Who is Carsten Bergersen from Love Island USA Season 5?

Carsten Bergersen, better known as “Bergie,” a nickname passed down from his grandfather and father, is known as the sweetheart of the cast because he is a “hopeless romantic” (aren’t we all). He is known as the guy who pays close attention to the details of any girl he is pursuing as he tries to make a real connection with the girl sitting across from him.

His plan for the show is to find a real connection with someone, hoping to find someone to be with him for the long run, surpassing his longest relationship, which sits at ten months.

As far as Bergie the person, if you look at his socials, he looks like he is quite a blast to hang out with, from surfing to partying it up with his friends and family at the lake.

The one thing that stood out was in late 2022 when Bergie participated in his first-ever physique show.

Where is Carsten Bergersen from?

The 23-year-old Bergie is from a small town of only 36,000 people in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. He currently lives in Madison, South Dakota, with an even smaller population of only six thousand. Bergie is a small-town kid looking for that big-time love.

What does Carsten Bergersen do for work?

Bergie’s Instagram profile describes himself as “just a kid that makes ice cream and smiles for a living.” That’s because Bergie is a manager for the famous ice cream shop Dairy Queen.

What are Carsten Bergersen’s socials?

You can find Bergie on Instagram @bergielicious35, where his aunt is currently running his page as he is on his journey on Love Island USA.

Currently, he has a little over 900 followers on his page, where you can find photos of him having the time of his life surfing, hanging out with his friends, and pictures and videos of him working.

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