Who is Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray from Love Island USA Season 5?

By Kieran Burt
Published: July 18, 2023
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Who is Vickala Kay Kay Gray from Love Island USA Season 5

Who is Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray from Love Island USA Season 5? We discuss a dating competitor from the popular reality series. 

Love Island USA returns for its fifth season on Peacock, with ten new contenders being transported to a beautiful villa in Fiji to see if they can find the one. To stay on the island, contestants must stay in a continuous relationship with a partner and try and avoid the drama the show is infamous for.

But drama always happens, and heartbreaks occur.

One of the contestants hoping to dodge any potential heartbreak is the radiant Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray. She’s caught the attention of many viewers, with many wondering where she’s come from and where they can follow her on social media.

Like many of the contestants, Gray has accounts for audiences to follow and keep up with her life long after Love Island USA is over.

Who is Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray from Love Island USA Season 5?

Vickala Gray, or “Kay Kay” as she’s affectionately known by fans, is one of the latest contestants on the new season of Love Island USA. She was born in 1998, making her only 25 years old, and, like many of the others that venture on the show, dreams of finding the love of her life.

She’s got a celebrity crush on the American rapper A$AP Rocky, and to better her chances of finding a date, she adjusts the location on her dating profiles to hundreds of miles away to see what’s available and is even willing to drive for over four hours to meet up for a date.

Gray has already suffered through a bad breakup in life. She thought she’d found her Prince Charming, only to realize later that he’d struck up a relationship with another woman and even had two kids with her.

No doubt this would be heartbreaking, and many are hoping Gray can find her true love on Love Island USA.

Where is Vickala Gray from?

Gray is from the small city of Palestine in the state of Texas, not to be confused with the one in the Middle East. Palestine is located just south of Dallas and north of Houston.

She was born and raised in Palestine and has described her upbringing as that of a “city girl” and “down and dirty.” But she’s mostly managed to keep her family life and childhood away from the public eye, leaving fans in the dark as to the details.

Love Island USA has a way of teasing these secrets out of people though, so fans might learn more from the show.

What does Vickala Gray do for work?

Gray works as a travel nurse, meaning that she goes all over the USA to treat people who are in need. They take temporary nursing positions, jumping into hospitals, clinics, and many other care facilities, making sure that patients get high-quality care. It’s a role created to help fill staffing shortages across the USA, emerging as far back as the 1970s.

It’s a demanding job, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic created an immense need for carers. Being a travel nurse means that Gray is resilient and flexible with her life.

No doubt Gray will be enjoying a break from this high-pressure environment for some time in the sun in Fiji.

What are Vickala Gray’s socials?

Gray is active on Instagram, where fans can find her at @kaykalore. She boasts over 5,000 followers and mainly posts her and her impeccable taste in fashion, showing her fans how she dresses for fun.

Gray has also taken a tantalizing step into the realm of YouTube, where fans can watch the videos she posts @kaykalore4. She has over 1,000 subscribers, keeping fans in the loop of her life by posting about her fashion, vlogs of her daily life, and much more. However, it looks like she’s on a break from posting because she hasn’t done a new upload for over a year and a half.

On TikTok, Gray is very active and can be found @kaykalore4. She’s got over 3,000 followers and nearly 200,000 likes, posting similar things to her YouTube channel but much more regularly.

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