Who is Victor Gonzalez from Love Island USA Season 5?

July 18, 2023 (Last updated: July 20, 2023)
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Who is Victor Gonzalez from Love Island USA Season 5

Who is Victor Gonzalez from Love Island USA Season 5? We discuss a dating competitor from the popular reality series. 

Love Island USA returns for another season on Peacock, with ten people who hope to find love transported to a lavish villa in the South Pacific island of Fiji. They must stay in a relationship continuously to stick around on the show and must try to avoid encountering some of the drama that’s made the show so popular.

But that’s easier said than done, and audiences can expect some heartbreaks to happen.

One contestant who is looking to avoid the tension and sadness that often befalls people is Victor Gonzalez, a towering man who has a hidden sweet spot for comic books and romance. He’s caught the eye of viewers, with many wondering where he’s from and what he does for a living.

Here’s a guide to Gonzalez, including some surprising facts about him.

Who is Victor Gonzalez from Love Island USA Season 5?

Victor Gonzalez is one of the contestants on the latest season of Love Island USA. He was born on August 1, 1994, making him 28, nearly 29. He, like many other contestants on Love Island USA, is searching for his one true love and hopes to find it at the villa.

While he might seem like a big, frightening hulk of a man — and that’s totally justified, as he does wrestling and plays rugby — Gonzalez has a softer side to him, one that likes to write romantic novels and cosplay as the popular DC superhero Aquaman.

He also has a bit of a crush on Emma Watson and adores the work she does.

Where is Victor Gonzalez from?

Gonzalez comes from Madrid, the capital city of Spain, but has since moved to the heart of Georgia in Atlanta. He’s the only person not born in the USA on this season of Love Island USA. Like many other stars, he’s kept his family life private, though his mother has appeared on his Instagram before.

Viewers will no doubt be hoping that they can learn more about his family on Love Island USA, perhaps as he explains his background to other members on the island.

What does Victor Gonzalez do for work?

Not only does Gonzalez make time to go back to school and be a student, but Gonzalez is a huge fan of wrestling, and is very good at it too, having won the National Championship in Spain, something that paved the way for him to come to Atlanta.

He also does cosplay as Aquaman at children’s parties, and while he finds the job fun, Gonzalez says that it can be sometimes very awkward, especially when the mums of the children want to take pictures with him more than the children do.

What are Victor Gonzalez’s socials?

Victor Gonzalez is active on Instagram, and fans can find him @victorrahl. He’s got over 18,000 followers and posts shirtless pictures of himself, displaying his raw body. One particular video displays him walking behind three lions shirtless, showing animalistic confidence in not only himself but not being eaten by the creatures.

On TikTok, fans can watch him @victorrahl, and he has over a whopping 200,000 followers and over 2 million likes.

Gonzalez does have a YouTube channel, but he’s not posted a single video on it and has only 36 subscribers. It can be found @Victorrahl if fans want to follow it, though.

In all of them, Gonzalez describes himself as a “BOOK BOYFRIEND,” which is apt considering his status as a romantic novel writer. Despite his will to demonstrate his manliness, there’s a softer side to him. He’ll be hoping that both the softer and raw sides of him can help him get the dream ending to his own romance tale.

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