Who is Kassy Castillo from Love Island USA Season 5?

July 19, 2023 (Last updated: August 5, 2023)
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Who is Kassy Castillo from Love Island USA Season 5

Who is Kassy Castillo from Love Island USA Season 5? We discuss a dating competitor from the popular reality series. 

Summer is in full swing, and that can only mean one thing for those who love a side of guilty pleasure from our entertainment. Season 5 of the popular reality TV series Love Island USA just premiered on Peacock with a fresh set of contestants searching for love (while hoping to win the prize money). 

We all know the format; Take ten attractive 20-somethings, place them inside a luxury villa, add unlimited supplies of alcohol, and let the drama unfold on camera. 

Among the ten singletons seeking their one and only on reality television is a real estate agent in training Kassy Castillo. Keep reading for more details about her, including taste in men, ethnicity, and fun facts about her life before becoming a Love Island USA contestant. 

Who is Kassy Castillo from Love Island USA Season 5?

At the age of only 22, Kassy describes herself as someone who tends to fall in love easily and usually for “the wrong guys.” The young woman seems to impulsively do big romantic gestures as she once got a bottom lip tattoo to impress a bloke. 

She’s close to her family, especially her mother, who is her boss and confidante, and her older sister. According to Castillo, her mom still isn’t particularly proud of her for that tattoo incident. 

While her social media presence isn’t extensive, she seems to be a huge fan of traveling, specifically beach destinations. So far, she’s visited Hawaii, Florida, and several other U.S. beach resorts. 

A self-proclaimed spiritual person, Castillo is into crystals and likes falling asleep to bedtime stories. When she’s not falling asleep to soothing stories, Kassy likes to party. Once, she even hung out with the popular rapper Swae Lee.

She’s also someone her friends feel like they can confide in, particularly about their intimacy issues. “Everybody opens up to me about their sex life. I guess I’m a bit of a sex therapist,” she explains. 

Everyone’s got hidden talents that seem to only come out at house parties, and Kassy is no different. She says she’s good at doing impressions of people. That may or may not make things in the Love Island villa interesting. 

Kassy hopes to find her happily ever after on the show, “What I’m looking for now in a man is for him to be trustworthy,” she explained. 

Where is Kassy Castillo from?

With roots in Peru and Mexico, the 22-year-old grew up in Zachary, Louisiana, but has been living in Fort Worth, Texas, since high school. 

What does Kassy Castillo do for work?

After high school, Kassy decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She’s now a real estate student working under her mentorship. The two share a very close bond, unsurprising considering they work together and spend their days talking about “everything.” 

Any man she falls in lust within the Love Island tropical villa will still need to work hard to get the seal of approval from Kassy’s mom, who’s most certainly watching. 

What are Kassy Castillo’s socials?

You can follow Kassy on Instagram at @kassy.c.

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