Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 6 Recap – what do Helen and Ryan disagree about?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2023
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Netflix series Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 6 Recap


The dramatic falling out of the Sweet Magnolias makes for an intriguing subplot, as does Helen’s rocky relationship with Ryan. These two major storylines will keep viewers invested in the series moving forward, as will a few more enticing romances from the show.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 6, “And a Star to Steer Her By,” which contains significant spoilers.

In season three, Helen (Heather Headley) chose Ryan (Michael Shenefelt) over Erik (Dion Johnstone), but he may have been the wrong choice overall.

The couple are madly in love one moment and then arguing in the next. Friends Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) have noticed this friction, which in itself has led to their own falling out.

Episode six focuses on this tension in the trio and the breakdown of Helen’s own romantic relationship.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

“And a Star to Steer Her By” begins with Genevieve interviewing for a position at the spa. Maddie and Dana Sue lead the interview process, with Trotter filling in for Helen. They are all amazed by Genevieve’s resume and outgoing personality. They hire her on the spot.

Later that night, Genevieve goes to Z’s Place to celebrate. She spies Erik sitting alone in the restaurant. He’s preparing his ideas for a new menu.

Genevieve asks him out to dinner, and Erik accepts. Is this an innocent offer, or does Genevieve have ulterior motives?

Meanwhile, Harlan’s father is brought into the hospital. He’s had a stroke. The local community gathered to help Harlan through this tough situation. They offer to help make adjustments in his house for his return home.

Helen suggests using the foundation for funds.

It’s an awkward encounter on the whole. Helen has fallen out with Maddie, Dana Sue, and Erik, who are all there to support their friend. The icy atmosphere is obvious.

Maddie and Dana Sue try to make amends, but Helen is still clearly bitter and makes a few cutting remarks before leaving.

Why is Ryan taking Helen on a day trip?

Back at home, Ryan tries to cheer her up. He suggests they run away for the day and travel to Charleston. Helen agrees to the day trip, which is planned for tomorrow. Ryan wants Helen to see the world and get away from Serenity. Yet Helen doesn’t fully understand where Ryan’s head is at.

Maddie tells Cal about the Sweet Magnolias’ falling out. Cal offers his advice, stating that Maddie can’t fix every problem.

Dana Sue tries to speak with Helen privately, but still Helen won’t hear them out. She feels judged and hurt by their accusations.

After this failed attempt, Dana Sue speaks with Maddie again. She wants to throw another margarita night to sort out this mess.

But Maddie feels attacked as well, believing she is to blame. Even Maddie and Dana Sue end up arguing because of this silly disagreement.

Elsewhere, it is the first day of school. Kyle finds it weird that Nellie and Jackson aren’t with them for the start of the new year. Annie keeps meeting up with Jackson in secret, but poor Kyle is unable to see Nellie anymore.

Tyler tells Annie that he will not be helping her out anymore, adding that she should stay away from Jackson. Of course, we all know she won’t be listening to this advice. Tyler and Annie sit in different places for class; their friendship is on rocky ground.

What do Helen and Ryan disagree about?

Helen and Ryan enjoy their relaxing getaway together. Ryan ponders the idea that they move away, saying how there is more to life than just Serenity. This seems to have been his plan all along. Ryan wants Helen to broaden her horizons, but she’s still not getting it. She wants Ryan to love Serenity as much as she does.

What is Cal’s new job?

After school, Maddie’s kids discuss the day. Cal announces that he has a new job. He is working with Skeeter and Ronnie now as a trainee carpenter. Tyler then speaks with Maddie and Cal about his college options. He misses baseball and wants to pursue that career once again. Maddie advises her son to think it through before making any hasty decisions.

That night, none of the Sweet Magnolias meet for margarita night. Instead, they choose to stay apart in their own homes. It’s a sad state of affairs, these three close friends being at odds with one another.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 6 Ending Explained

Erik meets with Kathy to pitch his new menu ideas. Kathy is needlessly critical and pulls his ideas apart. She wants something innovative and original. Erik is at first defensive, but then he agrees to hear her ideas instead. Kathy wants to produce an expensive menu. Is she playing Erik or trying to motivate him?

Why does Ryan break up with Helen?

The episode ends with Helen and Ryan. He says that he’s loved his time with Helen and he is very much in love with her, but he can’t live in Serenity. Ryan believes that Helen deserves better, someone who appreciates this place as much as she does. He breaks up with her there and then. Helen quickly gets defensive and breaks down, ordering him to leave.

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