Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 7 Recap – what is Annie’s punishment for lying?

By Adam Lock
Published: July 20, 2023
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Netflix series Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 7 Recap


“Somebody I’m Longing to See” includes repetitive storylines and repetitive dialogue, going over the same issues repeatedly without building any momentum in the process. On the whole, this is a relatively uneventful and sluggish installment that moves subplots forward at an excruciatingly slow snail’s pace.

We recap the Netflix series Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 7, “Somebody I’m Longing to See,” which contains significant spoilers.

The many storylines in Sweet Magnolias continue to move at a snail’s pace in “Somebody I’m Longing to See.” Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher) struggles to comprehend losing both of her best friends Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) and Helen (Heather Headley). While Helen travels to be with her family in her time of need.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

Why does Helen leave town?

Having broken up with Ryan and fallen out with her besties Dana Sue and Maddie, Helen travels to be with her family. Slowly, Helen opens up to her mother about her latest heartache. But her mom is glad she’s done with Ryan, commenting on how he never deserved her anyway.

It takes Helen a little longer to open up about her argument with the other Sweet Magnolias, though. She admits that she has made a mistake and regrets arguing with her closest friends.

Her mother believes that she can fix it still and persuades Helen to return to Serenity.

Back in South Carolina, Maddie is lost without her friends. She tells her mother Paula the bad news. Although Paula has news of her own.

She updates Maddie on Helen’s situation; she’s split up with Ryan and left town. Maddie is gobsmacked by this revelation.

What are Dana Sue’s thoughts on Helen’s breakup?

She drops off some paperwork with Dana Sue and attempts to make amends with at least one of her friends. Dana Sue is still upset with Maddie herself, though. Maddie tells her about Helen and Ryan breaking up. Dana Sue thinks they should leave Helen alone. She will come back to them in her own sweet time.

Maddie expresses her concerns to Cal. She admits that she’s tried to fix things and only made them worse. Cal passes on some words of wisdom; sometimes, you need to let people help themselves.

Elsewhere, Annie gets her driver’s license and speeds over to Castlewood to be with her secret boyfriend Jackson. They are elated to be spending more time together, but Annie is involved in a fender bender incident before leaving.

What is Annie’s punishment for lying?

Ronnie and Dana Sue rush over to the scene, concerned for their daughter’s safety. Annie is upset and embarrassed, but her day is about to get a whole lot worse though. Dana Sue spies Jackson hiding behind a tree and confronts the teen. Jackson owns up to his secret relationship with Annie. Dana Sue is furious that they were both lying to both sets of parents. Overacting slightly, Dana Sue takes Annie’s phone and the car keys, grounding her indefinitely.

In the other subplot, Bill tries to reconnect with Noreen. He meets her at the spa, where she now works, and then turns up uninvited on her doorstep. Bill wants to be a part of his daughter Rebecca’s life again.

Noreen doesn’t hold back; she tells him that that is never going to happen. To hammer the point home, roommate Isaac turns up at Bill’s work to reiterate the message.

Sweet Magnolias Season 3 Episode 7 Ending Explained

Then Isaac finds out about Erik working for Kathy during his break from Sullivans. Isaac brings this up at basketball practice. Erik saw this coming, but he is still defensive.

Isaac feels hurt that Erik would keep this from him and adds that he doesn’t trust Kathy either. She’s definitely up to something.

The episode then ends with Dana Sue opening up at work. She finds the kitchen has been completely ransacked. All her food and equipment have been vandalized. There is a message for her, too. It just says the word: Trish.

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