Love After Divorce Season 4 (USA Edition) Review – There’s Hope for Divorcees, Yet

By Romey Norton
Published: July 24, 2023 (Last updated: April 6, 2024)
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Love After Divorce Season 4 (USA Edition) Review
Love After Divorce Season 4 (Credit - Netflix)


A dating series featuring hopeful divorcees has a lot of promise and is sure to be an emotional roller coaster.

Here we have it—another dating reality series in which hopeless romantics seek out love and companionship. The interesting thing is that Love After Divorce is the first dating reality series to feature divorced individuals.

Divorce is tough on everyone involved and can leave people hurt and damaged, never wanting to meet someone and make a commitment again. This series sees newly single, ready-to-mingle, divorced men and women trying to find love again.

This Korean series is similar to other dating reality shows, such as Love Island. It has almost a Big Brother feel. The difference here is that there isn’t a cash prize involved, and this does make the series feel more genuine.

Everyone is already so complimentary and kind; it’s very different from the Western dating shows we’re used to.

Love After Divorce Season 4 Has A Lot of Promise and Hope

In the first episode, the eligible divorcés head to the honeymooner’s paradise: Cancún! Five celebrity presenters, Lee Hae-young, Lee Ji-hye, Yoo Se-yoon, Eun Ji-won, and chef Austin Kang, sit in a semi-circle and discuss season 4 of Love After Divorce, USA edition, and how exciting it will be.

Love After Divorce Season 4 (Credit – Netflix)

They describe the Korean dating pool as small, so now we’re checking out divorced Koreans living in the USA. As we’re introduced to each singleton, the five presenters react and discuss their agendas and actions.

While hearing their discussions is fun, I think they could have gotten away with just two presenters. Ten singletons and five presenters, it’s a lot of people to listen to and invest your attention in. 

The villa in Mexico is exceptionally lush; the settings are tranquil. The house is labeled, with multiple people sharing rooms. The men’s rooms are in between the women’s rooms and placed so it’s easy to sneak around.

There’s a pool table, incredible views, a gym, an outside pool and jacuzzi, and cozy settings for our hopeful singletons to mingle and make a connection. Not to mention the romantic beaches just a short walk away. It’s the perfect setting for romance to blossom.

I do like the fact that this show has divorced contestants only. A lot of emotional baggage will come forward, and it’s probably something multiple audiences can relate to. 

It was a good move for this Korean dating series to bring out a USA edition; this will attract more Western viewers, and it’s sure to be an interesting hit for their regular watchers.

This season has fourteen episodes, which looks and feels like a lot to binge-watch for the first season. While I enjoyed learning about each individual, 93 minutes was a lot to take. It doesn’t feel trite or forced; the first small task of doing the food shop was sweet and wholesome.

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